You might have seen several beaches in your life, but if you haven’t been to the Outer Banks in Virginia, you are missing out big time.

Whether you love traveling with family or going solo, Outer Banks won’t disappoint. It has pristine beaches and tons of watersports and activities on offer. If someone tells you that they have seen it all, they are probably lying because the Outer Banks spans over 200 miles, and there’s a lot of ground to cover here.

First and foremost, the Outer Banks isn’t necessarily suitable for a weekend beach getaway. You will want to go all out and spend at least 7 days creating memories for a lifetime.

Here are a few things that you need to know before you jet off to Outer Banks. 

#1 Getting there

The nearest airport to Outer Banks is Norfolk International Airport, which is located 82 miles north. Assuming that you have already made your bookings, you can drive straight to your accommodation in a rental car or hail a taxi from the airport. 

#2 Nobody stays in hotels

Although there are many great hotels in the Outer Banks, a hotel is simply not a preferred choice if you are visiting for leisure. Like most tourists, you can stay in a rental accommodation that will make you feel right at home. There are various sea-facing and soundfront holiday homes on Southern Shores, with basic to luxurious amenities, depending on your budget. These rental homes lie in the proximity of the beach and other tourist attractions in the region. And no matter where you stay, you will never be too far from a fishing pier.

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#3 No need to carry groceries

Outer Banks may sound like a secluded place, but it’s nothing like an island in the middle of nowhere. The place has its local grocery stores where you can get everything that you are going to need during your stay. Fresh vegetables, meat, milk, spices, sauces and whatnot. Plus, the prices are quite reasonable. 

#4 Plenty of Beaches and Sounds

Outer Banks has a plethora of beaches, and each one is different from the rest. Some beaches have been fully commercialized with fun activities and watersports for kids and adults. And then there are beaches that are secluded and quiet. Mind you, visiting these beaches is risky because there aren’t any coastguards and no one to watch your back in case you get yourself in little trouble.

Once you have explored enough beaches on the Atlantic coast, it’s time to head west and experience the serenity of Currituck Sound. Popular for various water sports, Currituck Sound is a favorite place for tourists looking for kayaking, jetski, parasail and fishing to name a few.

#5 More than just a coastline

If you get bored of the beaches and still have a couple of days left in the Outer Banks, you can go on to explore the place further. Outer Banks carries a rich history that is rooted in the World War II era. You can visit the Museum of shipwrecks, the historic lighthouses and old buildings in the area. If you didn’t know, now you know that the Wright Brothers had their first flight over the dunes of Outer Banks. 

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Final Words

Don’t visit Outer Banks during a hurricane alert. 

After doing all the planning and budgeting, getting a hurricane alert might bum you out. But for your safety, you must wait until it’s over. Hurricanes in the Outer Banks can be life-threatening, and you should avoid visiting the place from June through November. In case a hurricane catches you off guard, make sure you have vacation insurance in place to cover cancellations.