Driving can be a liberating experience for many, opening up a whole new world of jobs, things to see and do, and more. However, many drivers, no matter how experienced, tend to make similar mistakes on the road. It’s all too easy to get comfortable with your driving style and think you know everything you need to know, but more often than not, this won’t be the case. Read on for the biggest mistakes drivers make on the road and you might see that you’ve made some big mistakes. 

1. Not Being Familiar Enough With The Car

Driving the right car is so important. Nobody is familiar with a car when they first get it, but taking the time to understand where your lights, indicators, wipers, and other elements of the car is will help you whatever the weather. Make sure you buy a car that suits your needs, too. If you do a lot of motorway driving then you’ll want a car that is going to be able to withstand that, and if you only drive around town then a small car will suffice. 

2. Getting Distracted By The Satellite Navigation

Don’t rely on the satellite navigation by looking at it every few seconds. You really don’t need to look at it that often. In most cases, you can have voice instructions on and you should barely need to look at the screen at all! Although you are allowed to have a satellite navigation in the car, it can be very distracting. Having it set up before you leave is a must, too – trying to set it up as you drive will get you in hot water. 

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3. Not Getting Familiar With The Route Beforehand

Try to take a look at your route beforehand. Are there any diversions? Do you have a rough idea of where you need to go? What’s the weather like, does it change? Are there rest stops? All of these things will give you a much better idea of what to expect on your journey. 

4. Driving Tired 

You can’t always help needing to go into work and having a bad night’s sleep, but you should avoid driving tired wherever possible. If you drive tired this can be as bad as driving drunk! There are many experts out there providing clients with first-class legal representation but you shouldn’t want it to get to that. Make sure you are well rested before you get in the car.  

5. Leaving With No Time To Spare

Leaving the house with barely any time to spare will mean rushing and likely getting frustrated on the road. You could make silly mistakes. Leave with plenty of time. 

6. Not Using Your Indicator (Or Not Using It Correctly)

Many drivers don’t use their indicators any more as they have fallen into bad habits. Make sure you use it correctly, especially on islands. 

7. Speeding Through A Yellow Light

This is a really quick way for you to get T-boned. Don’t risk speeding through yellow lights and take it steady instead.