It’s officially the start of 2018, which means it’s time to shed all your gained weight from the food-filled holiday season. Get ready to count calories, hit the gym, and go on another meticulous diet plan for the sake of beauty. If you are not living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard of the trending Keto Diet. The Ketogenic Diet, also known as the Keto diet is a low- carb diet which promotes food high in healthy fats and protein. An effective keto diet can result in a lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and insulin levels.

Historically, the keto diet was created to treat epilepsy patients back in the 1920s, now, it’s returning to the spotlight as many celebrities jump on the trend, particularly Kim Kardashian who claimed Keto as the diet behind her post-baby weight loss. The Ketogenic diet can be successful and very healthy if done properly, however, people also have to take note that in the course of this diet, most keto dieters will have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And it’s important to address these deficiencies before they cause health risks.

Nutrient deficiencies can easily be fixed by planning your meals accordingly or by taking specific supplements. When choosing supplements, you can’t just pick the cheapest or the easiest product to take from the stall’s display. You have to understand which supplements are good for you and why you need it.

Choose the right keto supplements as well as the superfoods you can eat to improve your Keto dieting will greatly help your progress.

Here are five supplements you should try if you’re on the diet:

1. Exogenous ketones

According to research by the Opportunity Health Center, exogenous ketones are one of the most popular supplements for keto dieters. Ketones are produced by your body when you follow the keto diet the right way. A person with high levels of ketones has an abundance of energy despite having a low-carb diet. They are basically your body’s alternative energy source to glucose.

When you supplement with exogenous ketones, your body will receive an instant supply of ketones. Exogenous ketones often come in two forms (1) ketone salts (2) ketone esters. The commercially available ketones we have today are often ketone salts. Taking ketone supplement can also improve weight loss efforts, athletic performance, cognitive ability, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Fish Oils

Keto diet includes the consumption of high-fat foods that are rich in omega 6. Taking omega 6 in small amounts is good, but too much of this nutrient can cause systemic inflammation. It can result in many chronic illnesses and diseases. An example of pro-inflammatory omega 6 is usually found in vegetable oils, dairy products, and poultry. To prevent this from happening, it’s recommended to eat food high in omega 3. Since they’re rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, fish oils are great anti-inflammatory supplements. They are also one of the best foods to consume during ketosis. Overall, fish oil supplements help you maintain a healthy omega 3:6 ratio.

Along with this, you can take Omega XL which provides your body with healthy omega 3 fatty acids that include EPA and DHA.

3. Potassium Supplements

Keto dieters experience potassium deficiency, this is why potassium supplements are very much recommended. Potassium deficiency can result in many illnesses including hypertension, depression and irritability, heart failure, and constipation. Potassium supplements are usually sold as 99mg tablets simply because taking too much can also have dangerous risks, especially if you’re under other medications. It’s important to speak with your doctor if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or any ailment before taking potassium supplements.

4. Coconut Oil

In the ketogenic diet, nuts and seeds are your primary source of high-fat. However, it’s not advisable to get all your calories from them. It’s important to find a healthy way to get calories in a pure fat source, like coconut oil. Coconut oil is not just good for ketosis, it can also help you have a healthy weight loss process since coconut oil is known to reduce hunger cravings and keep you fuller for longer. The best thing about coconut oil is it’s very easy to include in your meals. You can simply mix coconut oil in your shake or coffee, or create home-made energy bars with coconut oil.

5. Green Supplements

Most people don’t eat enough vegetables. And vegetables are important in a keto diet. When you’re cutting carbs, it’s difficult to hit your daily nutrient goal – this can be simply remedied by taking green supplements. Green supplements are the easiest method to bring your needed greens but of course, you can have it cheaper by simply adding vegetables to your every meal. Ask any hard-training athletes and they’ll swear by using green supplements too.

The Bottom Line

Following a healthy ketogenic meal with real food can help you get all the benefits of ketosis without spending more money. However, if you need a little help, supplements are totally fine. Hopefully, the tips above will help you succeed in your keto dieting!