Probably, very few people look forward to hunting for divorce lawyers online or one who practices family law. That happens pretty frequently, though. Marriages end, and couples also try separations to see if living apart for a while can get them back on the same page in their relationship.

This is why some lawyers do very well in either family law or specifically representing individuals who want to get a divorce. Someone hiring a lawyer for family law might need an attorney to try and arrange an equitable child support or visitation schedule.

If you’re a lawyer or represent a law firm that does family law and divorces, you probably need to look into SEO for divorce lawyers. We’ll talk a little bit about what that entails in the following article.  

How Competitive is this Niche?

Every law niche is competitive. No area has only one or two possible lawyers someone can hire, and that’s why SEO matters so much. As a lawyer specializing in a particular area, you need to know how to get your site to rank so that you can beat out the competition.

You should know, though, that divorce or family law are some of the most competitive law niches that exist. Tens of thousands of individuals every month search for terms like “family law attorney,” “divorce lawyer,” and similar keyword combinations.

That’s why you require an SEO specialist to help you rank for those terms. If you don’t have one, you can be sure that other sites will get the traffic you want. People clicking on your site and exploring it will get you one step closer to a new client.

Local SEO

If you know anything about SEO and how people use search engines like Google, it should not surprise you to learn that searchers use terminology associated with geographic locales when they want to hire a divorce lawyer or one who does family law. Some common search phrases might include “divorce lawyer near me” or “family lawyer near me.”

However, you should also want to rank for even more specific terms than that. Say that you’re located in Los Angeles. You’ll want to rank for phrases like “the best divorce lawyer in Los Angeles” and similar keyword combinations.

The right SEO agency for you will know how to get you to rank for very specific terms like that which people use in your geographic region when they’re looking for divorce or family lawyers. Before you hire them, you’ll want to ask them about what tools they can use to figure out what keyword phrases for divorce lawyers remain popular in your area.

An experienced SEO specialist or multilingual link-building agency can show you the latest tools and how they’ll use them to figure out popular keyword phrases for which you need to rank. By partnering with local bloggers, you can receive native content that strengthens your brand’s international reputation. Keep in mind that SEO is not guesswork. Instead, it’s a scientific methodology that produces results based on meticulous, precise keyword research.

What Else Will a Customized SEO Campaign Feature?

We’ve talked about keyword research for your family or divorce law firm. But what else should an SEO agency or freelancer include in their optimization campaign when you hire them? How can they get your website to appear more appealing to customers?

Competitor analysis will definitely play a big part in this initiative. Any SEO specialist will want to look at your closest competitors and analyze their sites. They’ll want to see what they do well and also what they lack.

The SEO agency will try to figure out how you can make your site better than the competition based not only on what their site features but what it does not. They can then modify or improve your website based on that analysis.

Strategic Link Building

More people use Google than any other search engine, so your law firm’s site needs to play nice with the search engine giant. Like it or not, Google is your partner when you try to get more people to visit your site. You need to modify your website and its content based on what Google likes.

To that end, your SEO agency or freelancer will probably need to do some strategic link building when they want your site to get more traffic and conversions. Google likes websites that have both inbound and outbound links.

The SEO agency you hire can’t just add links indiscriminately, though. They will need to make sure outbound links go to reputable sites. They’ll need to make sure any inbound ones make sense and improve your site’s overall usefulness to the visitors who frequent it.

A Built-to-Convert Website

A website can look nice, but functionality remains the goal. You always want someone who visits your site to convert, and that probably means contacting you to ask about your firm’s services. After all, most people who visit a divorce lawyer’s site are those considering getting a divorce or those who need family legal advice.

Your SEO specialist will change your site in whatever ways they deem necessary to make that conversion more likely. SEO isn’t just about getting a site to rank at the top of the SERPs. It’s also about getting someone to do what you want when they interact with that site.

The SEO specialist will likely add social media buttons to try and get a visitor to follow you on social media. They will add a prominent, easy-to-use contact form where a visitor can reach out to you for information. They might add a place for a visitor to sign up for your law firm’s mailing list.

An SEO agency or freelancer you hire must know how to use things like link buildings, competitor analysis, keyword research, off-site strategies, and other SEO basics to get the results you want. Any divorce lawyer or family law office will want to make sure the SEO agency or individual they hire has a proven track record of getting satisfactory results in this area.