Soukie and Windish

Nayan Soukie and Fritz Windish are an intercity duo based in Berlin and Hamburg with strong ties to some of the best venues. Their unique sound of deep techno laced with glimmers of psychedelic flavors, driving deepness and catchy moods established a movement both in Berlin clubs, Kater Blau and Salon zur Wilde Renate, and in some of Germany’s most popular festivals like Fusion and Garbicz. With a growing fan base, it didn’t take long for Soukie and Windish to end up on German labels like Liebe*Detail and Audiomatique, in addition to their own imprint URSL.

How did Soukie and Windish come to be?

On our hitch hiking travels to the most remote corners of our universe we met at a abandoned junk yard, where spaceships leave their rubbish. And as we were both blind passengers the commanders left us behind as well. A junk yard in space is a very boring place indeed but luckily we found enough electronic devices to build synthesizer and controllers. The project Soukie and Windish started in space!

Which influences have been most important for you musically in recent times?

We are huge fans of the Alien Monster Super Band. And we like Vermont, Gold Panda, Zebra Kats, Rex The Dog and our buddies from URSL records!

What is the story behind Berlin and S & W?

Berlin is like Disneyland for Techno and we are Goofy and Donald Duck.

How does the open air environment have an effect on you when performing as a DJ at festivals?

Our sound sounds way better outside, because long pads and freak sound have more space to develop psychedelically. And we love playing and partying while the sun is shining!

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Written by Julia Hulme

Julia Hulme is originally from England, but has resided in Berlin, Germany since 2009. She runs a series of underground events featuring Berlin's most loved deep house & techno DJs. Julia is the producer of a new open air festival coming to Hawaii called Isle 9, which fuses Pacific vibes with the Berlin Open Air culture.

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