Hiking Trail of the Week: Yosemite Grand Traverse


Hiking Trail of the Week: Yosemite Grand Traverse

Labeled as one of the “World’s Top 15 Trails” from National Geographic, the Yosemite Grand Traverse seems almost mythical in stature. Hikers revel in the 60-mile long trek through Yosemite National Park, located in the High Sierras of California. Protected since 1864, the 1200 square-mile park boasts waterfalls, meadows and large sequoia trees.

Highlights of the trail include the Half Dome, Cathedral Peak, and the famous John Muir Trail, which features beautiful and breathtaking scenery of green mountaintops. It is recommended to bring lots of water as well as gloves for the hot rocks during the scorching hot summer weather.


Renee Sogueco

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