With over 25 years of experience as herbalists, Gillian Levy and Susan Cleverdon are making names for themselves in cannabis for self-care. Together, the two have teamed up to build a trailblazing CBD brand popularly known as Humboldt Apothecary.

Nestled in the redwoods of California, this women owned and operated company highly values sustainability, environmentally-friendly practices and quality ingredients. Humboldt Apothecary offers a variety of CBD-based tinctures that will take you to the next level. Notably, their tinctures use quality ingredients of medicinal herbs, natural honey and no artificial additives. Their sun-grown premium cannabis is made with whole flower extract using sustainable methods. Budget-friendly liquid formulations allow for discreet consumption, accurate dosing and rapid absorption. Have all the fun without the hangover this summer by enjoying their latest collection of mocktail recipes.

Healthier with Highconic: The Deats on CBD

So, why trade in your beloved Friday night wine for a Humboldt Nightcap mocktail? While drinking alcohol before bed may help you to fall asleep quicker, you’ll actually be loosing out on your crucial beauty sleep in the coveted REM cycle. Humboldt Apothecary offers you elixirs that will make you look and feel better with their proven holistic health benefits. Treat yourself to the self care you deserve by incorporating CBD into your lifestyle. CBD is proven to relieve anxiety and depression, treat insomnia, lower pain and inflammation, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, reduce acne and improve heart health.

MiLLENNiAL caught up with these CBD beauties as they released their latest line of summer cocktails to learn more about Humboldt Apothecary and the future of #flowerpower.

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What are you most excited about right now for the future of cannabis?

The change in public attitude towards cannabis is really encouraging to me. A lot of people are starting to see cannabis as a legitimate form of medicine rather than only holding the image of the typical couch locked, munchy eating stoner. I am so pleased that more and more people are turning to cannabis to improve their quality of lives and getting off their pharmaceuticals, which all too commonly cause unpleasant side effects.

Describe the challenges and inspirations you’ve faced as women entrepreneurs in a primarily male dominant space?

Overall, I would say that it is actually an advantage to be a woman in the cannabis industry. For one, the media has placed a lot of attention on women shaping and leading the cannabis industry. What an opportunity to be involved in an industry that naturally draws women as participants and leaders. That is certainly not the norm in our culture and it’s a refreshing change! It is a rather unique industry in that it is entirely based on the effects/impact of a female plant.

What advice would you give women who are trying to enter or are in the cannabis space?

In addition to choosing a pathway that you totally believe in, make sure that you have a sound business plan and have done your research. I’ve seen too many people try to enter into the space on the whims of a passion project thinking they can get by without a well thought out plan because this is cannabis. However, business is business and it requires having all your ducks in a row.

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Along those lines, make sure you have a solid team to support your endeavors. With the industry being so new and so many rules and regulations to follow, it takes a small village to successfully negotiate your way through the maze. Lastly, believe in yourself and envision success…always…even when times are tough because there will be tough times. We have found that every time we make it through a rough spot, we’ve learned something important and our business has become stronger as a result.

Millennial Magazine- Humboldt Apothecary

Who would benefit most from using your product? Is there anyone who should not use it?

We see cannabis as a kind of supplement. Like I said above, its effects are best achieved when taken regularly over time. So, I would say that anyone who is looking for relief from some kind of body or mind imbalance, and is interested in incorporating a tincture into their daily lives, would greatly benefit. Our botanical line contains alcohol and other medicinal herbs, so people who don’t tolerate alcohol would want to avoid those formulas and people on other medications would want to consult with their physician. Because everyone’s bodies react differently to plant medicine, we always recommend anyone taking any of our products to consult with their physician.

What is the best way to use the product in order to get its maximum benefits?

If people are taking our products for a persistent ongoing issue, they would most likely benefit from taking our products in relatively small doses regularly. For chronic health issues, plant medicine is most therapeutic when the body receives it consistently over time. Due to the nature of our modern lifestyle, many people’s endocannabinoid systems are deficient, oftentimes extremely deficient, and the regular consumption of cannabis products helps the endocannabinoid system to be nourished and bring the body back into balance. This, of course, is different from popping a pill to stop the symptoms and forgetting about it.

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Which of your Humboldt Apothecary products is a favorite part of your personal routine, and what affects have you experienced with implementing it into your lifestyle?

My personal favorites are our Deep Sleep and Inflammation Soother. Like so many other people, I find the combination of cannabis and the other herbs in Deep Sleep to be superb in helping me achieve deeper, more long-lasting sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed, which anyone who suffers from insomnia can tell you is a great feeling! I find the Inflammation Soother to be premier in reducing all kinds of inflammation and pain. It works quickly and is incredibly effective. I take them both every day!