Riding your bike around town or on an iconic travel route is all thrills and joy until you’re involved in an accident. By nature, motorcyclists are some of the most vigilant commuters on the road due to their vulnerability.

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Whether it’s a read-end, a frontal collision, or a fall-and-slide caused by a distracted or careless driver, motorcycle accidents can have serious consequences. So, it only stands to reason that you be prepared if the worst happens. The following guide provides valuable pointers for handling and strengthening your motorcycle accident case.

1. Contact the Police

No matter the gravity of the situation, your first reflex should be to dial 9-1-1 straight away. Even minor incidents require the presence of a law enforcement officer to document the scene, obtain the driver’s identity and insurance information, and start collecting evidence for a case later on. At this point, you may want to avoid engaging with the other involved party.

2. Identify Witness and Help Gather Testimonies

Scour the premises in search of potential eyewitnesses. Since establishing responsibility will be the foundation for winning your case, reach out to any bypassers who witnessed the circumstances of the accident and ask them to provide an accurate testimony to the police. The clearer and more detailed these testimonies are in your motorcycle accident case, the higher the likelihood of you receiving compensation down the line.

3. Document the Incident

While law enforcement will do its job of officially documenting the scene, you should always keep records of your own. As such, it always helps to take some photographs of your bike and the other driver’s vehicle, the points of impact, debris left on the roadway, your injuries if any, and anything else you need relevant. You can never be too thorough. All these will help establish a factual case in court or during litigation.

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4. Hire the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When you’ve gathered enough evidence that points to the other party’s fault, you know you have a strong case. This is where enlisting the services of a specialized lawyer will truly come in handy. As explained on this dedicated page, motorcycle collision lawyer Athens, GA, the odds of you winning your case hinges on your ability to get an experienced, reputable lawyer. So, whether you live in Nevada or Georgia, always be sure to find a legal counsel that will accompany you through every step of the process.

5. Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

It goes without saying that, if you’ve suffered a severe head trauma or an incapacitating injury, you won’t be able to call the police yourself, document the incident, etc. That said, even if your injuries seem minor, never wait to get medical treatment. Undergoing a complete health check as soon as possible after the fact will help your motorcycle accident case by establishing that your injuries were in fact the result of the accident.

6. Keep Track of Your Expenses

In a similar vein, always be sure to monitor all the expenses linked to your accident case. These include medical expenses, property damages, lost income due to hospitalization or work incapacitation, and more. Keep a detailed log and forward it to your attorney who will use them to put together a strong defense strategy in court.

7. Don’t Repair Your Bike

As counterintuitive as this may sound, you do not want to bring in your motorcycle to the shop just yet. It’s the number one piece of evidence upon which your accident claim case rests. Your attorney will most likely advise you to refrain from fixing your vehicle as it can help further establish the seriousness of the accident, and because experts may even be brought in to examine it.

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8. Don’t Clamor on Social Media

You may be tempted to publish the photos and a detailed account of the accident on Facebook or Instagram to have a rant and shame the at-fault party. That is a highly ill-advised decision. Doing so might compromise your motorcycle accident case and pose problems when it comes to insurance settlements. The details of your case should be left to handle by the police, your lawyer, insurer, and the judiciary.

9. Filing a Lawsuit

Lastly, know that you are perfectly in the right to press charges if you deem that the involved party was careless, wreckless, or worse, inebriated. A consultation with your attorney will help you weigh your options and decide whether filing a lawsuit and going to court is a wise decision.

Motorcycle Accident Case

Ultimately, motorcycle accidents are all too common nowadays, injuring thousands and claiming the lives of countless people. Not to mention the millions of dollars in property damages, legal fees, and more. Hopefully, thanks to this detailed guide, you now have a clearer idea of the do’s and don’ts when managing your accident case. Stay safe!