The benefits of outsourcing partnerships for small businesses can be vast. Many new startups and fully established small companies also use outsourcing within the daily operations of running a business, with 50% using the service for HR and 46% in the same survey using outsourcing services to help them increase profits.

But they’re not the only ways you can utilize outsourcing within your business.

What Is Outsourcing Exactly?

Outsourcing is the act of hiring a third party outside of the business to perform tasks and services that would usually be carried out by a member of staff. Businesses will pay the external company a fee based on services rendered, usually a regular set amount, to have a pre-agreed set of duties carried out. Small businesses can utilize outsourcing companies in many different ways to help them carry out operations, including:

  • HR
  • Accounting
  • IT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Data Collation/Data science and more

There is a limitation on how many services you can outsource at any one time. However, it is worth being careful when doing so to make sure you still retain full control of the company and know what is going on. Having too many outside parties involved in the day-to-day running of your business can leave you open to extra complications and issues you didn’t foresee and are unequipped to handle.

Always check that the services offered by outsourcing companies meet your needs and that your values align to ensure a cohesive working relationship and continuity of business.

With this in mind, the rest of this post is going to look at some of the benefits of outsourcing. If you are on the fence about how beneficial this can be for you, the following points might be of influence.


One of the biggest benefits for small businesses that use outsourcing companies is that they free up their day or some of the more cumbersome and time-consuming duties. This can be different for each company, but generally, you can expect to find you have more time on your hands by allowing third parties to take control of certain aspects.

Whether you are able to avoid hours of analyzing data and collating it, or you need someone to do your bookkeeping to allow you to do other tasks to support the business, small business owners can expect to free up a good portion of their working week to enable them to focus elsewhere within the company.

Increased Productivity

Businesses can expect a massive increase in productivity as they rely on their new partner to carry out operations with care, attention, and no other distractions. This means that you and your team, if you have one, can work on other areas that can help you to get more done within the day.

Most businesses can expect to see some degree of increased productivity both directly as a result of the company they use or indirectly via other actions within the company impacted by a decreased workload and the elimination of more time-consuming tasks to allow them to focus elsewhere.

Specialized Skills and Knowledge

One of the biggest benefits of using third parties for certain parts of the business’s operations is that you will benefit from the specialized skills and knowledge the provider will bring to the table. Outsourcing companies will be exerted in their services and will have a full team of trained and skilled staff to assist them with the task at hand.

This can mean you can benefit from their experience by asking questions relating to their service and being confident they are doing things correctly using only the best methodologies and techniques, and nothing is being overlooked. You won’t be responsible for hiring a team with said skills and training or ensuring these skills are up to date; this is all taken care of for you, allowing you to reap the benefits.


Technology can often be a massive barrier for small businesses to get the job done. Not everyone has the resources to invest in the newest technologies at all times, and even setting up the basic systems can be costly. By using outsourcing partners for Managed IT Services, for example, you can take full advantage of the technology and software at their disposal to ensure that your business can access the best technology possible. Desire you are leveling the playing field with those who can.

Less Downtime

How often as a business have you hit snags or been unable to operate due to technology or software failure or even a lack of skills or equipment to get the job done? Businesses that use third parties to help run the business can experience less downtime in those areas than companies that don’t or that you are currently experiencing.

AnĀ IT managed service will support your company by ensuring you have the systems to do what you need to do each day without interruptions or loss of service. In contrast, customer service handlers will allow your customers to get in touch and speak to a real person, even if you cannot take the call, meaning you don’t lose any momentum. You can keep going without any disruptions or loss of service.

Cost Saving

Outsourcing isn’t free, far from it, and some of these services can come with a hefty monthly or upfront fee. However, when you compare this to building your own team to carry out the work, hiring, training technology, equipment, increased office rental fees, wages, ongoing costs, etc., it can be extremely cost-effective to do certain tasks this way than in-house. However, you should always balance the charge against the output and the benefits to your company so you can be confident you are getting exactly what you need and that you are getting the most from the relationship.

Increased Growth

The right partnerships can make your life so much easier. Suppose you find an outsourcing partner whose service enriches your company and can run along in the background doing what you need it to. In that case, you can shift your focus from that task to something and get back to focusing on your business’s core values to move forward and implement growth and sustainability options. After all, that is why you started the company in the first place, and getting back to doing what you love and need can be extremely beneficial to your company and your ability to stay on track.

Increased Reputation and Visibility

Lastly, outsourcing allows you to put your money where your mouth is and prove to the market and your peers that you can do what is needed to be a competitor they must watch out for. Business reputation is vital, and offering consistent and effective results using outsourcing means you can improve your reputation and increase visibility within your sector.

Social media companies, for example, can work with you to increase your social media presence with minimal input from yourself so you know that while you are getting the job done, they are promoting you and allowing you to reach more people than ever. The same applies to working with a marketing company. They are there to push your brand, build partnerships and increase engagement and sales while you focus on delivering the results.

Outsourcing Partnerships

Outsourcing isn’t new in the business landscape, but it will always hold relevance, especially as technology advances and consumer demands change. Being able to stay at the top of your game means you need strategic help, and you can get that help from third-party companies designed to work with you to improve your business and support what you do.