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© Vistajet and Scuderia Ferrari, Photo by Erik Romano

It’s no secret that participation in the world of sport can generate exposure and attention for businesses of every kind. Whether you’re a local business sponsoring a local event, or a multinational bank looking to put your logo on the shirt of a high-profile football team, the power of sports partnerships in advertising is considerable.

A recent illustration of this comes with the news of a renewed partnership between VistaJet and Ferrari.

Thomas Flohr, the founder of VistaJet, was keen to express his satisfaction with this deal, saying: “I am incredibly excited for the future. We have experienced immense growth throughout this key market as more and more clients are turning to Vista as the go-to solution for asset-free offerings and recognize that Vista provides the best value and end-to-end experience.”

These sentiments were echoed by Ferrarri’s CEO, Benedetto Vigna: “The partnership with VistaJet means team personnel can fly to airports very close to the race venues and benefit from personalized take-off slots, an important factor that can translate into a competitive edge on track.”

So, why might sports partnerships benefit both parties?

Enhanced brand visibility

Let’s start with the obvious. Having your firm’s logo prominently displayed at an event that millions of people will be watching will help to cement your brand into the subconscious of your would-be customers. The visual exposure and association with a popular sporting event can create a lasting impression, leading to greater brand awareness and visibility. As your logo becomes ingrained in the minds of viewers, it establishes a sense of familiarity and trust, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your products or services.

In the case of VistaJet, sports partnerships makes sense, since the sport in question is primarily watched by the sorts of people who might wish to rent a private plane.

Increased credibility

In some cases, the endorsement of the right high-profile individual can help to lend credibility to a given brand. If Ferraris’ Sainz and Leclerc are travelling with the help of a Challenger 350 private jet, then spectators who might be in the market for a private plane might think of following suit.

Positive brand association

As well as getting a brand into the public eye, it’s worth associating it with an entity with which fans of the sport already identify. If the entity in question can actively endorse the product, then so much the better.

Vigna illustrates this by emphasizing the practical differences that the partnership makes to how the team operates: “With the Formula 1 team about to embark on a season featuring 23 Grands Prix, and our 499P programme making its debut on the endurance racing scene, time management is fundamental.”

Differentiation from competitors

In certain crowded marketplaces, being able to stand out is critical. By securing the right sports partnerships in the right locations, you might set yourself apart from the competition. In other words, what matters isn’t just the presence of your logo, but the absence of your rival’s.

Enhanced media and PR coverage

It isn’t just a presence at a given event that matters – it’s all the additional coverage that goes with it. Newspaper photographers, television stations, fans and social media might all act as ambassadors for your brand – often just by wearing the right piece of merchandise.

Consider Sports Partnerships

VistaJet’s ambassadorship for Ferrari has seen tremendous success through striking a partnership that aligns with its values and marketing objectives. Could your next sponsorship be the key to success?