Smoking is becoming less common wherever you go in the world. One exception to the cigarette market’s global decline is cigars. They are seen as exclusive, rugged, and manly. While cigarette smokers find themselves unable to smoke indoors (and outdoors in many places), cigar smokers are able to attend exclusive cigar lounges, which makes them even more attractive. If you have a cigar-smoking friend or loved one, then this article is for you, for we will tell you a few gift ideas that you can give to somebody who loves to smoke cigars.


Humidors are airtight containers used by tobacco smokers to keep their tobacco products moist. Higher-quality Spanish-cedar humidors will impart a nice, woody aroma to the cigars stored within. Humidors can also repel tobacco beetles, which can destroy a person’s cigar collection.

Humidors maintain a constant, desirable level of humidity. Too much or too little humidity can have a very damaging impact on a cigar. You can buy large humidors, best-suited to avid collectors, or you can buy smaller, wooden humidors. If your loved one already has a humidor, then it might be time for an upgrade, and if they don’t, then it’ll be a gift that they will appreciate massively.


Most beginners fail to understand the importance of cutting your cigar properly. If you do not cut your cigar properly, then your cigar will not be as enjoyable as it should be. A fair majority of people cut too much of their cigar off, while others cut too little. To cut a cigar, you need to locate the cut, then with a high-quality and sharp cutter, cut it. A cigar cutter is a great gift and can improve your loved one’s smoke considerably.


Cigar smoking is a lot like a ritual, and in a ritual, you need your ceremonial tools. Furthermore, the highest quality cigar lighters make lighting cigars easier and make the experience much more enjoyable. You can also have your loved one’s cigar specially engraved, which makes it a much more special gift. Lighters are an important part of a cigar smokers kit. You should not worry about them having too many lighters already, as a high-quality lighter will immediately stand out among the rest and become their favorite.


Another ceremonial tool that your loved one will appreciate receiving as a gift, is an ashtray set. Most smokers just have simple plastic or metal ashtray sets that do not particularly stand out. You can buy them a handcrafted wooden ashtray set, or alternatively, an engraved ashtray set combined perhaps with a mat for their customary post-smoke whiskey. Ashtrays can be an easy gift to overlook, but they are one that no cigar smoker’s set can be complete without. It is not a gift that they can take out with them, but it is a gift that will brighten up their smoking room.


While not an accessory or even a gift relating to cigars themselves, whiskey is often always combined with cigars. It has a strong, delicious flavor that compliments cigars very well. Finding the perfect match can be difficult, but if you visit your local wine merchants and ask them for help, they should be able to advise you. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many online whiskey and cigar forums and ask for their advice. One word of advice: with whiskey, it is easy to think the more expensive bottles are better, but this is not necessarily true. You can find cheap but high-quality whiskey quite easily.


The most obvious gift to give to a cigar smoker is cigars. Cigars come in a variety of strengths, types, and qualities. Buying a loved one a set of high-quality cigars will definitely be received well. If you can, try to find Arturo Fuente cigars, which are commonly regarded to be some of the highest-quality cigars in the entire world. If you are on a budget, a cigar forum might be the best place to consult to find the best cigar according to your budget.

Tickets to Cuba

A slightly unconventional gift, but one that should be appreciated. Cuba is regarded as one of the world’s best cigar producers, and their cigars are adored by cigar smokers globally. A trip to Cuba and tickets for cigar-tasting will be a once-in-a-lifetime gift. It might be expensive, but it will definitely be worth it.

Finding the right gift for a cigar smoker can be difficult. We hope that with these suggestions, you will be able to find the right gift for your cigar-smoking loved one. Thanks for joining us.