So you’re going to be alone this Valentine’s Day. It could be because of a recent breakup, a business trip that’s taking your guy out of town, or a life choice that allows you the flexibility and freedom you’ve always wanted — except for on that annual holiday that comes every February 14th.

While part of you feels that Valentine’s Day is no big deal and you should go about your business, another part of you thinks it’d be fun to celebrate somehow. 

Here’s some advice: go with the latter instinct, and plan a memorable Valentine’s Day, no significant other required. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Enjoy Your Fave Foods

Just because you will be alone does not mean you can’t enjoy an incredible meal this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you have been craving steak or a giant serving of pasta with shrimp scampi and a huge Caesar salad. Order in or book a table for one and eat your heart out.

Another idea is to indulge in all the scrumptious foods you adore but don’t have too often because your spouse doesn’t care for them. With your honey away on business, make that broccoli cheese soup and chicken with spinach and artichoke hearts and have a wonderful meal.

Buy Valentine’s Gifts to Exchange Later

For those of you with an absent sweetie this February 14th, remember that you can still exchange Valentine’s gifts when he gets home. To make the homecoming extra memorable, consider wearing some new lingerie under your typical boring robe. See how long it takes him to find his gift.

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Tackle a Project

If being productive makes you extra happy while feeling like you’ve accomplished something, why not set aside a few hours this February 14th for a big project? One idea is to organize your closet. Go through all of your clothes and set aside the ones you never wear or that don’t make you happy. Organize the remaining outfits by neatly folding everything or hanging them back up and then treat yourself to some online or in-person shopping at the mall for some new clothes. Then, box up the items you no longer wear and drop them off at a donation center; this way, they will go to new homes where other women will love wearing them.

Invite Your Single Friends Over for a Party

Chances are good you are not the only person in your social circle who is flying solo this Valentine’s Day. Jill recently broke up with her boyfriend, Megan is happily single and Aidan’s girlfriend is visiting her family in California. Invite these friends over and anyone else who is alone this February 14th and enjoy a fun and carefree evening together. Pop in a funny movie, make popcorn and serve chips and salsa and have a blast being with close friends who also happen to be minus a plus-one for the day.

Enjoy the Day—You Deserve It

No matter the reason for being single or alone this Valentine’s Day, you definitely do not have to make February 14th “just another day.” Treat yourself, buy those Valentine’s Day gifts if you want to, get together with great friends and/or enjoy a project. These are all excellent and fun ways to celebrate the day devoted to love.

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