Turning 40? Get Your Priorities Straight

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Were you born in the early 1980s? If so, you’re about to turn, or already have turned, 40. In cultures all over the world, that age is considered a major life milestone. For some, it marks the beginning of middle age, a general slowing down of physical activities, a heightened focus on careers, and the realization that retirement is not that far off. While every person’s situation is unique, there are a few common things that the 40-plus age group should be thinking about as middle age looms.

Chief among those considerations are issues like saving for retirement, paying attention to personal appearance, double-checking life insurance coverage, remaining active socially and physically, and maybe even returning to school for an advanced degree. Here are details about a few of those priorities.

Saving for Retirement

Now is the time to ask yourself if you’re saving enough for retirement. For many working adults of all ages, the answer is no. If you fall into that category, speak with a financial advisor and consider upping the amount you contribute to IRAs and other kinds of accounts that will provide for a comfortable lifestyle after age 65. If you’re close to 40, or a few years beyond, there’s still plenty of time to build a solid nest egg, but the time to begin is now.

Looking Your Best

After 40, faces, especially the eyes, can tell a tale of poor skin care. Or, if you live in a harsh environment, you’ll probably notice lines around your eyes, mouth, and jaw as you age. Face serum enriched with vitamin C can prevent many age-related conditions that affect the human face. In fact, the best vitamin C serum can enhance skin tone, even out the complexion, hydrate the face to give it a bright look, and soothe dry, aging facial skin. One reason people opt for treatment that contains vitamin C is that it works quickly and doesn’t cost much.

Life Insurance Decisions

Do you have enough life insurance? Too much? Sit down with a licensed agent and decide whether you need to add to your coverage to take care of loved ones should you die prematurely. Likewise, perhaps you’re over-insured, in which case you could sell your policy for cash.

Staying Active

Age 40 is a milestone for most adults for a number of reasons. Traditionally, the birthday marks what is generally considered middle age, and presages dozens of physical and mental changes in the human body. For large numbers of adults who are now turning 40, the near future holds the potential for things like weight gain, a slowing down of the metabolism, hair loss (for both men and women), and other unpleasantness. To combat this, create a morning routine that benefits your mental and physical health. Staying active is one of the easiest ways to freeze the effects of time on your body and morning movement is said to be especially conducive to an overall active day.

Speak with your doctor about some of the most appropriate ways to avoid becoming sedentary. In most cases, if you are in generally good health to begin with, it’s entirely possible to take part in things like yoga classes, martial arts training, sports teams, jogging, fitness swimming, and dozens of other activities that can keep you looking and feeling great after reaching the milestone birthday.

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