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Seibo Shen grew up in California and has always been focused on sports and health. As the injuries accumulated, he was instructed to take several pain killers but found they made him too drowsy, irritated his stomach, or generally left him feeling quite “off”. A fellow stuntman had mentioned that cannabis was an excellent pain reliever, but Seibo was not interested in smoking the herb. Instead, he began researching safer and healthier consumption methods for cannabis.

In 1997, he purchased the BC Vape which was the first of over 50 vaporizers he would purchase in his quest to find one that satisfied his needs. After 13 years of buying products that didn’t quite hit the mark, Seibo decided to try his hand at designing vaporizers. Within two years, he had a prototype that he entered into the Sept 2012 Cannabis Cup. He hoped to win Best Vaporizer but ended up winning Best Overall Product.

In 2013, Seibo Shen ran the first successful crowdfunding campaign featuring a cannabis based product and one of the very few companies to have launched their product ON TIME. Since then, VapeXhale has won almost every vaporizer shootout.


Year born: 1976

Age: 39

City: San Francisco, CA

Background: UCLA BA Ethnic Studies, retired stuntman, martial artist, dad, husband

Profession: CEO of VapeXhale

Tools of the Trade: Macbook Pro, MailChimp,, Girl Scout Cookies

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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Written by Ben Lin

Ben Lin is a music and event photographer.

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