When you drive your car regularly, whether it is for work or a road trip, it is important to have a safety checklist in mind, so that you can prepare your car, and yourself, for the journey.

Many people will only prepare their car for long journeys, however, it is just as important to think about safety for the smallest of trips, especially if you don’t use your car often, or you are driving in winter when conditions are much worse. These tips and car maintenance checklist can save your life.

It shouldn’t take long, and it should become easy once you know what to look for. These car safety tips are a mix of checks to do before you set off, as well as things to be aware of on your journey. Continue reading to learn more. 

Check the fluids

Fluids are important to keep your car running and to keep your car safe. There are going to be certain levels that are required by law, and there are going to be other levels that are required for a safe and risk-free journey. You should check your car fluids regularly if you are doing short journeys, and check every time before you drive if you are heading out on a longer journey. These fluids should be on your car maintenance checklist:

  • Brakes
  • Clutch
  • Engine oil
  • Power steering (if relevant)
  • Windscreen washer

Check for any corrosion or breakages

Check over your vehicle and make sure that all the seatbelts are working and in good condition and that there are no cracks in the windows, mirrors, or lights. You should also check under the hood, and ensure there is no corrosion on things like your battery. Lastly, you should check the condition and air pressure of your tires and that all the lights are in working order.

Check you have equipment

Every car should have basic safety equipment that stays there, to prepare you for any scenario. These items should be on your car maintenance checklist.

  • A first-aid kit
  • Flashlight, high visibility jacket, and a warning triangle
  • Snacks and water
  • Emergency contact numbers for breakdown, insurance, and personal injury lawyers
  • Spare tire and jack
  • Jump cables

Check and clear your blind spots

Blind spots are very dangerous, especially if you are driving on roads alongside bigger vehicles such as trucks. Not only do you need to be careful with your blind spots, but you also need to be aware of other people’s blind spots.

Make sure you take great care to review your car maintenance checklist when preparing your car for a journey, whether it is a short one to work or a long journey to travel, and remove any obstructions.

Although you are taking care, remember that others may not, especially if they are in large trucks. Unfortunately, they cannot always see, and you may find you are in an accident. If you find this happens, then you will need to seek the support of a semi truck accident lawyer.

Log your car maintenance checklist

Driving can be extremely dangerous. Not only do you have to consider your ability to drive and the state of your vehicle, but also the weather conditions and other drivers. Make sure you follow this checklist and are as safe as you can be before setting off on any journey.