People go to parties to unwind and forget about their stresses and probably troubles in life. And as a host, it is your responsibility to indulge them in the most fun-filled party they will ever have.

While the location, the ambience, food, the music and the booze carry the vibe of the party, it will never be as enjoyable without the thrill and a little competition of group and individual games. Some people say, a party is not as engaging if there will not be activities where people can showcase their talents, whatever they may be, and challenge each other’s wits. So what kinds of games will create so much laughter in any audience? Please read on and get some fantastic game ideas.

Games That Will Pump Up the Party

When deciding what games you want to organize, you have to take into account the attendees. What kinds of people are they and your relationship to them. Are they family members, workmates, friends,  etc.

You also need to take into consideration the location and the space where the games will be held. The wider the space, the better. Here are some of the fun game ideas you can use for your party. Just note that not all of them will be suitable for one type or party or two.

Charades or Pictionary

This classic game is appropriate for everybody, adults, kids, workmates, etc. But you the keywords or images for guessing should be in keeping with the common relationship among the attendees. If you are with family, you can include names of members and the participants will act them out. Workmates can do the same. You can even have virtual charades if your party will be done on Zoom.

Beer Pong

Another classic adult game that gets players who don’t have very high tolerance in alcohol  totally wasted. Beer pong tables are very easy to set up and will be ready in no time. Of course, you have to be strict with the rules of the game to make it challenging and fair for everyone. However, to prevent people from getting too wasted and out of their wits after a series of gulps of the beer, you have to limit their participation and the number of cups. The advisable maximum number of cups is at 20 (assuming that the cups are filled with beer no more than ⅓).

The Not So Newlywed game

This is perfect for your next couples event when you’re partying with several of your friends. Of course, this will not work if someone is the odd one out. You have to make sure that everybody brings their partners. There are a lot of newlywed questions or even dating questions that you can write down to keep the party on a lighthearted note. These questions range from firsts in dating, wedding, friends, favorites, love, marriage fun facts, etc. Everyone at the table will surely crack laughing when things just get intense between couples who seem to just don’t get it right.


Spoons is a card game that can be played by all ages or groups of people. It’s fun and fast but nevertheless, it will be enjoyed by everybody. The game involves a deck of cards and spoons, the number of which is one less the number of players. The mechanics of the game is simple and can be played by a maximum of thirteen people but should not be less than three. One good thing about the game of spoons is that you don’t need to keep score, you just keep on going until one player spells out the word and you’re out.

Murder Mystery Games

Well, this is not just a Halloween kind of game. You can orchestrate a murder mystery game any time of the year. And this is suitable for groups of up to 30 people where every group gets to have the time to ponder on the clues and carry out missions. There are several plots and scenarios that you could search online, complete with the characters, descriptions, clues, scripts, and more.  It would also be more exciting if you hide clues on the purses or bodies of the participants. They will surely be amazed at how you managed to do that.

All The Old School Card Games

Poker, Go Fish, Pokemon, Crazy Eights and even Blackjack that still captures the imagination and fun-loving millennials, are a safe bet if you have a mix of people that are expected to attend the party. Everyone can participate in the game they know how to play. However, don’t let anyone take the game into a betting one. This will ruin the essence of why you organized the game in the first place, to give fun to the party. When money is involved, there might be commotions that could result in ending the party before everyone has had enough of it.

Never Have I Ever

This game just never gets old. Played even by celebrities that visit the Ellen show or interviews by the Hollywood Reporter, it keeps to its promise of subtly telling your friends and family things that they might not have known about you. It’s also a great game to get to know people and break the ice. Of course, you have to be careful in asking questions that are too controversial for the participants as it might spoil the game.

The Ping-Pong Blow

Ping pong blow is a game that everyone can enjoy even those that are not playing the game. It’s also a game for all ages so you don’t have to worry if your nieces and nephews join the fun. You just have to set up several balls on a ping pong table or even just your large dining table at home and let each participant blow the ping pong ball from the starting line to the finish line with a straw in their mouths. It’s kind of your egg relay minus the mess.

These are just some of the party games you could play with friends, family, colleagues including your bosses. Whatever game you choose, always remember that people just want to have fun. Games should be simple so that everyone can enjoy it.