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Amy Roiland is a Los Angeles-based fashion blogger and editor of A Fashion Nerd blog. You might recognize her from Shark Tank Season 7, where she pitched FashionTap, a social network designed to help fashion bloggers monetize their favorite brands.

Amy currently designs sunglasses for Betty & Veronica Eyewear, and has worked with clients that include high-profile companies such as Free People, Betsy Johnson, Trina Turk, and Forever 21.

Her one-of-a-kind style is further exemplified by coordinating mommy-and-me designs that she frequently models with her daughter, Ryder Bird.

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©Amy Roiland

On Instagram, she has over 200k followers and one of her recent Tiktok videos has amassed 7 million views.

Millennial caught up with Amy Roiland to learn more about her career in fashion.

Describe your journey to becoming an influencer? How and when did it happen?

I started my blog A Fashion Nerd over 10 years ago. Before my blog I had several other blogs and a youtube channel where I would interview designers etc. I fell in love with fashion at age 16 and my first style inspiration was Jennifer Love Hewitt. I learned about different designers (basic ones) through her. My love for fashion just kept evolving.

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©Amy Roiland

How did you get into fashion blogging?

I wanted to find a way to express my style and fashion to the world and it felt like blogs and social media were the only way. I looked up to NatalieOffDuty and Chiara Ferragni and I wanted to start doing what they were doing. I was shooting 2-5 blogs a day by myself with a camera and clicker. I did everything by myself and I still do here and there.

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What was the key step in transforming yourself into an entrepreneur?

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Getting a legit agency to represent me and guide my career was the main step for me. I was getting work by myself here and there but not for very much money. I had no idea how to negotiate or deal with contracts. They really have pushed me to a whole new level of becoming an entrepreneur. They opened up a whole world.

What are some of the pros and cons of being an influencer?

The pros are being able to work from home, traveling and shooting, including my daughter in what I do. Doing what I do every day, editing, styling, and creating. The cons of being an influencer is having to always be on our phones and always checking our social media and how we are doing. Having to work around the clock is a con to me.

How do you remain positive on a daily basis?

I try and surround myself with inspirational and driven people. I also have saved images and videos on my instagram that I am able to look at and it really inspires me and keeps me on track. My daughter Ryder Bird also keeps me super positive, she is so much fun and makes everything so light and fun.

Millennial Magazine - Features- Influencers- Amy Roiland Mommy and Me

©Amy Roiland

Amy Roiland showcases her “Mommy & Me” personal collection.

What immediate projects are on the horizon for you?

I am currently designing a line of shoes, bags , accessories with Jessica Butrich, this will be our second collaboration together. I am also thinking about designing a mommy and me line either by myself or with a current kids brand. I have been dying to do this forever now. Also lots of style videos with Ryder Bird my daughter.

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