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Kelley Louise is a New York-based blogger and content creator who focuses on local and sustainable travel. Armed with at least two cameras at all times, she develops thought-provoking content around subject matter that is often overlooked by traditional media. Her goal is to reach beyond the “road less traveled” and to share the stories of individuals who are making an impact in their local communities.

On her blog, the culture collective, Kelley features people and places that inspire her; her content ranges from the best local bars in Brooklyn to a secret hiking trail in Rio de Janeiro. She believes local, authentic, and often serendipitous experiences are the best way to discover and explore the world. She shares these recommendations with her readers, showcasing how supporting local economies can make an impact. Ultimately, she wants to inspire her readers to connect with the world around them, and believes this methodology is a lifestyle – whether you’re home or abroad.

the culture collective is filled with Kelley’s musings, which are highlighted through combinations of written stories, videos and photography. Her style is focused on capturing raw and authentic moments and she concentrates on a back-to-basics mentality, with minimal retouching or editing. The final results are vignettes that introduce her audience to the larger stories of the world.

Kelley has been lucky enough to visit more than 20 countries: She’s lived in a rural village in Uganda, watched the sunrise on the Himalayans in Tibet and scuba dived in the Pacific. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her cat, Vincent.


Year born: 1991

Age: 24

City: Brooklyn, NY

Background: Bachelor’s in Media and Culture with an emphasis in Communicative Design from The New School in New York City. Associate’s in Journalism from Palomar College in San Diego.

Profession: Travel Blogger & Content Creator

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

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Written by Danielle Pearce

Danielle Pearce lives for photography. She is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and frequently travels to New York City and other places across the country.

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