Advertising a race event can be a challenging task. Unfortunately, if you can’t attract enough participants, your entire endeavor will be doomed to fail regardless of how much time and effort you have invested in the event.

To make the most out of your racing event, both in terms of ticket sales and competition, you must implement the right promotion strategies. Here are four ways to advertise your next racing event.

1. Use branded event tents

A branded race event tent is one of the best ways to get the attention of potential customers passing by and interacting with your business. However, to make the best of the advertising effort of a race event, you will require a stall that stands out among competitors and attracts customers throughout the day.

Give your race event a competitive advantage by investing in a custom canopy event tent from Look Our Way. A branded tent can also act as a meeting point, and the logo added will make it easy for the target audience to locate you.

2. Leverage social media platforms

Social media is one of the easiest ways to spread buzz regarding an upcoming race event. You can promote your event on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Twitter. However, a successful social media marketing campaign requires some strategy behind your posts.

Come up with a short, unique, and easy-to-understand hashtag and include it in every post relevant to your upcoming race event. You can also add it to all your social media accounts’ bios. Engagement with your posts will determine how many potential participants see your advertisement. Therefore, be sure to include images and space out your ticket sale posts with more general industry news or lifestyle info for maximum engagement.

3. Create a specific landing page

A landing page is a standalone web page explicitly created for an advertising and marketing campaign. It aims to capture information from contacts in exchange for something valuable, including a retail offer code or B2B insights in the form of a white paper.

Having a dedicated landing page for your race event is essential as it will give the event credibility. It will also become a place to send people when they see your social media posts, ads, emails, and other event promotion.

Your landing page should include all event details where visitors can sign up, learn more, and make a payment for registration. It should also be persuasive. Insert at least one short two-minute video of your past race event you hosted and highlight the excitement in the atmosphere and the winners.

4. Develop an email campaign

While it requires you to have a subscriber list, email marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting a race event. It uses email lists to inform existing and potential clients of your event and recommendations.

To generate hype about your race event, come up with a newsletter or just a simple email intended to inform and update your subscribers about your upcoming event. However, ensure your subject headline is captivating since most people don’t open irrelevant emails if the subject line isn’t convincing.


Advertising a race event is easier said than done, especially given that you have a niche audience to target, most of them being students or parents. Implementing these strategies can help you garner more attention and, ultimately, more sign-ups to your event.