The Secret Pocket of Speakeasy Briefs

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First it was the traveler’s hidden neck wallet, then it was the burner’s infamous leather holster, now it’s the “under the radar” zipper in your boxer briefs. Making use of the smallest and most undetectable place, the founders of Speakeasy Briefs have created a new type of pocket, one that allows for full frontal…storage.

With breathable cotton and try to size fit, the Speakeasy Briefs are claimed (by hundreds of patrons) to be the most comfortable and multi-functional pair of underwear ever worn. Believe it or not, the pocket itself is used to store a money clip, phone, condom, and even an entire flask.

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While the practicality varies per user, the possibilities for what and when to use the product are endless. Just think about how it could be used during music festivals, pub crawls, clubbing, travel, bachelor parties, and much more. Each pair retails for $23.95 and comes in black, green, and blue.

Thinking of that last minute gift? Check out Speakeasy Briefs available on their website and Amazon.

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