Did you know that people under 34-years-old accounted for 25% of all cosmetic procedures in 2018? Millennials are flocking to plastic surgery clinics in record numbers. But why is that? There is no single reason.

We’ve seen a number of societal shifts in recent years that have led to younger people going to get cosmetic procedures at Toronto Plastic Surgeons and other clinics around the world.

Here are a few of the things that are changing the face of the plastic surgery industry.

Celebrity Examples

Not too long ago, movie stars were notoriously mum about any plastic surgery they may have had. But that has changed. Many of today’s biggest stars talk about their procedures as openly as they discuss their workout tips or recipes.

Household names like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B are extremely candid about their cosmetic procedures. This has created a more open and transparent global discussion about the positive impact that plastic surgery can have.

Knowing What is Possible

10 years ago, someone would probably show their plastic surgeon a picture of a celebrity and say, “This is how I want to look.” But today, millennials are using touched-up pictures of themselves.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery recently reported that 55% of patients showed their surgeon a retouched selfie when discussing their goals.

Young people no longer have to guess what they would look like with, “A little touch up here and a little tweak there.” The filters on Instagram show them exactly how they could look.

Preventative Steps

Millennials are also not waiting for the signs of aging to show up. According to a recent report, roughly 33% of millennials consider treatments to be preventative.

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They are taking an active role in fighting the effects of aging, versus previous generations that waited until they saw bags and wrinkles in the mirror.

Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Generation Xers and Boomers would often buy a gym membership with no real plan and no concept of what is reasonably attainable. Millennials, on the other hand, are more likely to know exactly what they will be doing and the diet they will be on while they do it.

This means that they will be far more aware of where their fitness limitations lie. If they’ve been going hard for a few months and still can’t seem to trim those last few pounds, they can accept that. They’re not going to try to kill themselves in the gym, or try an unsustainable gimmick-diet.

They know that they can get a body contouring treatment and then easily sustain the results with their current health regiment. They have also probably already read a number of liposuction reviews as research.

As you can see, there is no single reason why plastic surgery is on the rise among young people. The rise in number has come from a combination of societal shifts in attitudes, coupled with the fact that cosmetic surgery is more affordable and accessible than ever.

Aging is such a Boomer thing to do.