So, you desire to whip your bike off those challenging trails or drive as if you’re flying in the air Guess what? You need to understand various bike parts that will let you ride like you’re flying. 

For starters, gear shifting is an important skill for on- and off-road riders that allows a rider to make a bike go forward, backward, or standstill. Great riders know how to shift gears quickly and smoothly, and so should you. Apart from this, proper knowledge of throttles, clutch, and maintaining balance is also important. 

We have mentioned important tips about mastering the art of riding a dirt bike. Have a look. 

First gear

The first gear of the dirt bike is a critical gear you need to master. It’s a common misconception that the first gear of a dirt bike is the easiest of all gears, but that really depends on how you look at it. Easy enough to get moving, but once you hit top speed, it becomes one of the hardest gears to maintain. To slow down, you need to shift up a gear. This is because the gear you apply determines how much power the engine can deliver to the wheel.

The Meat

The meat of the powerband is the most important part of shifting for any dirt bike. To get the most out of the dirt bike, the rider must know where the powerband’s meat is. Not only does this ensure that you get the maximum amount of power out of the engine, but it also allows you to choose the gear that will deliver the most torque and power to the rear wheel. To find the meat, you must shift the gears at the correct rpm. Needless to say, this will only come with thorough practice. 

Decompression Braking

The Next thing you need to master is decompression braking. 

Decompression braking is done by releasing the throttle and brake at the same time, causing the bike to slow down on its own without the rider having to use the rear brake. This is considered decompression braking because the engine decompresses (slows down) when the throttle is closed.

You need to practice when to release the throttle and at what speed. 

Clutch and Gear Combo

The clutch is one of the most important parts of your dirt bike. It is used to control the engine and keep it from moving while the motorcycle is in the air. You can use the clutch to “pin” the engine at the perfect RPM for landing jumps with practice. This will allow you to land jumps with the engine in a lower gear giving you more speed as soon as you land.

So, Use the clutch properly, and it can help you get a lot better at motocross racing. 

Understanding The Throttle

You can’t ace your bike’s gear if you do not understand the neighboring parts it interacts with. One example is throttle. Let’s understand what it does. 

Your bike’s throttle is used to control the rpm (revolutions per minute) that the engine runs at. The throttle is also used to control how much power is delivered to the rear tire. The reason for controlling the rpm with the throttle is because it is easier to control the rpm with the throttle than with the rear tire.

Maintaining The Right Balance

As anyone who has ever been on a dirt bike knows, the key to any good ride is riding at the right speed. That is, you want to be going just fast enough to be in complete control of the bike. Without going so fast, you start to lose your balance. The best way to maintain the optimum balance is to use the bike’s throttle to keep you at the ideal speed. By using the throttle to control your speed, you can control how much your bike is leaning.

Final Word

Before hitting the race track, two things are imperative: the right motocross gear, like mx boots, and knowledge about your bike’s important parts like clutch, brake, throttle, and gear. These things have been discussed in detail in this article. 

Remember, sweat hard in practice to reap benefits in the actual race!