When people need work done in their bathrooms, it may be to repair such things as loose handles or broken mirrors. Perhaps a toilet seat is wobbly or a tap is leaking. Alternatively, it’s time to replace or upgrade the bath or shower, toilet, or sink. The storage cabinets may be outdated and tired as well.

Sometimes people decide they want a blank canvas. They may have some money available to completely gut the room and redesign it. It can be a great way to maximize the available space and to ensure that everything matches. Here are a few bathroom renovation ideas to consider as you draft your plans.

A New Toilet

If space is limited in your bathroom, a wall-mounted toilet may be a good idea. It would be stylish and modern to look at, and the tank would be safely hidden away behind the wall. Dual flush toilets have the added benefit of being economical with the water, and therefore saving you money. If someone enjoys technology, touchless flush toilets are available now, too.

There’s no denying consumers have many choices, and the internet can help them decide. A visit to the specialist site at Toiletable.com reveals that people are eager to read reviews and to discover the top-rated brands. They want to view product guides and comparisons, and to learn about flush types and bowl shapes.

A New Bath

If someone has a small room it doesn’t mean they can’t have a stylish bath. Corner baths look very elegant, and they can maximize the space available. If you are happy with your present bath, why not consider having a hand shower installed on the wall? This could prove invaluable when washing and rinsing your hair.

Larger rooms could feature a double-sized bath that could hold two people. Shower baths are also an exciting option: not only can they serve two purposes, but they can come in L-shaped versions. Other luxury options would be a whirlpool or freestanding baths. The latter is finished on all four sides and can create a focal point for the room.

A New Shower

There’s nothing worse than being the last in the queue for a morning shower, and finding the water is cold. Whilst replacing the water tank is one option, an electric shower is another. Its built-in heating unit means you can have hot water on demand.

It’s not just the shower and cubicle design you need to choose: there’s a range of different shower heads too. Some are designed to conserve water, whilst others can provide a wide or center jet. For a sense of luxury, why not have one that aerates the water or gently massages your body while you shower? For a real ‘carwash’ effect, you could choose a body shower that will jet wash you from all directions!

Options For The Elderly

If you have an elderly parent, they may be struggling to get in and out of the bath. One option is to replace it with a walk-in shower. It will have more floor space, and you could place support handles there and around the room.

Think about the flooring as well. If there are shiny, glossy tiles they could be a slip hazard. If the lighting is poor this could be dangerous too, especially if the person has issues with their sight.

Think About Ventilation

Bathrooms are frequently damp, steamy, and full of condensation. This can make floors slippery, and steam up the mirrors. If there is wallpaper it will become damp and could peel off. No one wants mold or mildew to appear in their bathroom. Airborne spores can create issues for people with allergies such as asthma. Several breeds of house pests thrive in such damp conditions as well.

The best solution is to have an exhaust (extractor) fan to take away the damp air. This will help the room feel fresh, and be free from musty smells. Make sure your bathroom window is fully sealed. If it’s not, it could generate issues with dirt and mold.

General Considerations

If a new sink is to be fitted, choose one built into a unit. This will enable you to store essentials under the sink, thus maximizing the space. Also consider such things as linen, medicine, or valet cabinets for storage.

Once your new bathroom has been created, the entire household will reap the benefits. Not only will this be a source of joy for many years to come, but it will also add value to your home.