Out of 9,000 stars across the sky, in most cities, fewer than 100 are visible. Light pollution affects 80% of the population and in our modern world, the effects are worsening.

However, during coronavirus lockdown, starry skies are emerging with night time star gazing being more popular than ever! Because of this, a stunning new interactive photo series by Under Lucky Stars has launched, showing the before and after of 27 cities across the world if light pollution completely cleared for good! The images restore the beauty of nature, allowing you to see the true night of city skies across the world.

The Difference the Star Makes

Using real images of city skylines captured by photographers and star maps and constellations, pollution has been completely removed to show the true night sky in cities that haven’t been visible to the naked eye in years. From New York and London to Moscow, Tokyo and Cape Town, see the captivating difference in over 25 cities.

The effect of light pollution radiates so much brightness into the environment that it turns the night sky into a seemingly blank canvas, removing the beauty that lies above.

As cities expand and populations increase, so does the demand for things like street lights. Whilst practical and essential for day to day living, this lighting affects our view of the sky with the naked eye, and it is now impossible to see the Milky Way in large cities and metropolitan areas. Globally, one-third of humanity is unable to see the natural Milky Way at all.

“If you were born in a place where stars are invisible, you’ll never forget the excitement and rush of joy you feel when you see the night sky in its unencumbered beauty for the first time. And the way you simply cannot take your eyes off the thousands of stars that we chose to extinguish in exchange for modern comfort,” saysĀ Zoltan Toth-Czifra from Under Lucky Stars.

Here’s a glance of some of our favorite shots from the series:


Millennial Magazine - Dubai

Photo courtesy of Under Lucky Stars


Millennial Magazine - Lisbon

Photo courtesy of Under Lucky Stars

Los Angeles

Millennial Magazine - Los-Angeles

Photo courtesy of Under Lucky Stars


Millennial Magazine - Moscow

Photo courtesy of Under Lucky Stars

New York

Millennial Magazine - New-York

Photo courtesy of Under Lucky Stars

Rio de Janeiro

Millennial Magazine - Rio-de-Janeiro

Photo courtesy of Under Lucky Stars


Millennial Magazine - Syndey

Photo courtesy of Under Lucky Stars