Many millennial couples know that finding plus size inclusivity can be a challenge in every aspect of their lives. While there has been progress in different industries with size inclusivity there are still few resources for couples who have to be mindful of their weight when furnishing their home. This includes thinking about the comfort, width, durability, and weight limits on what furniture they buy.

A straight sized family may be super content with a find that they run across at a thrift shop or online. It is hard to determine online if the item is going to be fragile or not when you have to think of these considerations. Here are a few tips when buying furniture online as a plus size person.


When you are buying couches, you want to make sure that you ask what the frame is made from. You will want to go with a metal frame over one made from particle board. This will not only be able to withstand more weight comfortably, but will last longer without warping or bending.

Dining Chairs

When shopping for a dining room set, ensure that the weight capacity of the chairs is something that you will be comfortable with. Most large people don’t like chairs with arm rests as they can dig into your sides. A tip for stylish chairs that are made to be durable is looking online for Hercules chairs or commercial chairs made for restaurants and hotels.

Beds for Plus Size

When you are looking for a new bed you want to pay attention to the built of the frame and the mattress type. This will ensure a restful sleep and proper support.

The frame should not be made from recycled particle board. Most modern beds omit box springs and offer a foundation. Adjustable bases are great because you can sleep at a slight incline ensuring your breathing is not blocked. You will also have full support across the bed instead of just where the slats sit.

When you are on the hunt for a mattress sales make sure that you look at hybrid beds. Memory foam and gel are comfortable, but can be warped after some use. Hybrids provide the support and comfort that you need. For a plus size couple make sure you get something that is 10 to 12 inches in height for an optimal sleep.

You should check the weight capacity, materials, width, and reviews when buying furniture. Make sure you read return policies. When shopping in-store make sure that you get comfortable. Furniture is not something you buy every day, so make sure that you take your time and get something comfortable that you enjoy.