Social media is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of different ways. For some, looking at clothing and accessories from various brands and famous faces appeals, while for others, it’s a great place to engage in a variety of debates on topical issues from time to time. Social media is also a popular promotional platform for people.

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram enable people to have a voice. Initially, they were used for uploading images or chasing retweets. Still, now the same platforms have added to their original offering and opened up self-promotion to a whole new audience. In the same way, we can upload daily images or partake in a session of blackjack at a trusted NZ casino using our sophisticated smartphone devices of today, people keen to promote their talents can do the same, whether you’re an aspiring artist, musician, marketer, health and fitness enthusiast, writer, and a range of other professions. A few taps on your smartphone screen, and you’ve essentially opened yourself up to a whole new audience in the process.

For some people, using a free promotional tool like a social media platform has resulted in future opportunities or a paid job. In order to maximize your potential on social media, here is a look at some of the most effective ways to promote yourself on those types of platforms.

Sometimes less is more 

There is a fine line between coming across as someone who wants to share some new music or a recent captured image every now and then, and someone who inundates their audience with material every few hours. Sometimes, posting too much can annoy people and ultimately come across as spam. Flooding people’s timelines with content is rarely a good idea, especially if you’re trying to establish a dedicated and loyal audience who will hang on your every word. Quality over quantity is necessary here, perhaps with four or five posts a week.

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Get personal

Whether you’re selling some handcrafted goods or attempting to capture the attention of some local newspapers with your content, don’t be afraid to tell your story and the reason why you’re using the platform in the way that you are. For some people, knowing your journey will enable them to identify with you more and essentially endorse your products or messages in the future. Always make sure your personality comes across in whatever it is that you’re sharing.

Be creative

Social media is a hugely saturated space. You can guarantee that you won’t be alone in doing whatever it is that you’re doing, therefore making it vitally important that you make sure you stand out from the crowd. Consider adding images, sound clips, special offers, unique personal experiences, video content, and anything else along those lines in order to make you separate
yourself from the crowd.

Don’t overdo hashtags

Hashtags are a great way of helping you reach the right people and essentially tap into the audience you intend to target, but don’t overdo them. In fact, it’s a painfully common mistake to make as people aim to cover as many bases as possible and tap into as many different people in the process. It doesn’t work like that, though, actually turning off people more often than not and harming your name in the process. Pick a few quality, relevant hashtags to go with your post and nothing more.

Interact with people

Don’t just update your profile, make sure you’re building an online community by engaging with people too. Spark debate, ask for feedback, comment on posts and more.

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