Christmas is right around the corner and while the biggest perk of the holiday is getting to spend time with your loved ones, the gifts certainly make it more exciting. Picking the right gift for someone is an art that requires some thought. No matter how well we know the person in question, it’s sometimes challenging to know what they need. No one wants to get someone a gift that ends up in storage. Instead of playing the guessing game and trying to figure out what a loved one wants, you’re better off being on the safe side and getting them something they need.

If you’re looking to buy your friends or family something they’ll actually use, check out our guide.

1. Water Flosser

Let’s be real, flossing every day is a pain for everyone, but it’s even more of a daunting task for someone with braces. Flossing can be very uncomfortable for anyone with sensitive gums and can lead to inflammation and bleeding if done too vigorously. According to oral solutions in Holland, MI flossing can be vital in improving your overall oral health.

Thankfully, water flossing is not something you have to do at your dentist’s office anymore. You can now purchase devices with different water pressures to clean under the gum line and in-between teeth. For those with braces, the jet stream also helps them easily clean around and between the wires and thus preventing the formation of plague and maintaining oral health without any discomfort.

This device can be a life-saver for anyone with braces or sensitive gums. Further, studies suggest that water flossing is 29% more effective, as well as milder, than traditional flossing. Their perks include improving gum health, deep oral cleaning, and being much less abrasive than traditional methods. Get this gift for a loved one and they won’t be the only ones to thank you – their dentist would be just as grateful.

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2. Espresso Machine

Coffee is probably the reason why the majority of us are able to push ourselves out of bed. When you lead a busy day, it’s hard to find the time to drive to the coffee shop for a little pick-me-up, and instant coffee is just not as good. This is when an espresso machine can come in handy – a personal barista at home. It’s definitely a staple in the kitchen. If you’re not sure what to get your friend for Christmas, you can opt for the best budget espresso machine in the market for them to affordably enjoy their morning cup of java without having to wait in line at the coffee shop.

With an automatic espresso machine, your friend can enjoy a variety of different caffeinated beverages, including cappuccinos, mocha lattes, and macchiatos at the press of a button. You can pick a machine with the ground and flavored pockets for more flavor options. Some machines also come with their own branded capsules, which you can include in the gift box. An espresso machine is definitely a practical gift and a worthy investment.

3. Wind Resistant Umbrella

Winter essentials can be pricey to buy in bulk, so your friend will surely appreciate them as a gift. Instead of buying your loved one another pair of socks, consider a wind-resistant umbrella. These come in very rugged materials that don’t fold in even the strongest winds, so your friend won’t have to worry about getting soaked on a windy, rainy day.

If you think it’s not enough, you can always add other winter essentials, including a raincoat, extra socks, and some scarves. This is especially a great gift for college students who like to cut corners.

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4. Stationery Gift Box

If you have a friend or a family member who still studies, you can never go wrong with stationary. These items tend to run out rather quickly and always come in handy. You can include a journal for planning, a box of pencils, and maybe some adorable animal-print notebooks.

You can either find the gift box set at stationery stores around Christmas, or you can customize one yourself. This is a very budget-friendly gift and it’s also something you can rest assured the recipient will make use of. If the recipient is a child, you can always include coloring books and pencils or sketch pens for those who like to get artsy.

No one wants to buy their friends or family members gifts that they’ll never use. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask the person in question what they want for the holidays. Avoid generic gifts like mugs and socks; instead, always get something you know they’ll use. Dental hygiene products, stationery, coffee products, and winter essentials should definitely be at the top of your list.