You don’t have to trash your apartment to have fun celebrating your roommate’s birthday. In fact, instead of staying in, go somewhere to have the best time. Here are a few ways to celebrate without having to clean up your apartment afterwards.

Know Your Roommate

Knowing your roommate better is essential to figuring out the perfect way to celebrate. For instance, would he or she rather spend time with one person or a large group? Being observant is key to understanding her personality and preferences. Moreover, he might be a partygoer or the more solitary type. While some people are casual drinkers, others enjoy intellectual pursuits.

Stay at a Guest House

Consider escaping your apartment for a weekend by staying at a guest house for your roommate’s birthday. Guest houses are usually cheaper than hotels. Plus, you’ll have privacy and plenty of space. Having a house to yourself can give you both a home away from home. Find activities in the area, or stay home and read a book. You can also play games, cook meals or watch the sunset.

Keep it Casual

If your roommate doesn’t particularly like huge parties or fun bar settings for their birthday, keep it casual. One idea is to head to a diner, where you can relax in a cozy, warm and casual environment. Consider inviting a couple of friends, or spend time together alone. Before you go, think about the kind of food he likes in order to choose the right place.

Go Out and Have Fun

One benefit of having a roommate is you always have a partner to have fun with. You two can head to a bar for a drink or two. Otherwise, you might want to dance the night away to your favorite tunes someplace away from your apartment. Before you make a decision, make sure your roommate enjoys having fun.

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Head to a Concert

Rather than staying home and watching television, you can experience a concert firsthand. Consider purchasing tickets for both of you. You can see your roommate’s favorite singer or one you both love. Be youthful, dress up and live out your dreams. You may even get the chance to meet a famous singer, and have them sign you an autograph.

No matter how you decide to celebrate your roommate’s birthday, remember to make it special. Consider whether he or she is the more reserved type or loves attending parties. Then, have an amazing time with a great friend!