First Car Purchase? 4 Tips for Buying From a Dealership

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Purchasing your first car is an important step in your journey of adulthood. However, it can also come with a lot of options. There are so many different cars and so many different decisions to consider. It can certainly be overwhelming and require a great deal of foresight. Here are four tips for buying a car from a dealership:

Find the Best Dealer

Buying from a St. George car dealership, or one that may be more local to you, is something you should definitely consider when purchasing a vehicle. Dealerships can offer you great advice and options for a vehicle. You will also need to do your part to research properly to ensure you’re making the right decisions.

Who you buy a car from is as important as the car you buy. You want to make sure that your dealer is reputable and comes highly recommended. They should have a strong reputation and a history of success. You can use online sites that will give you reviews and ratings.

You should also ask friends and coworkers for their opinions. See where they purchased their vehicles from. Ask them specific questions about why they went to that particular dealer. If one is consistently recommended, you should go to them.

Ask the Right Questions

A car is a huge purchase, whether you’re purchasing a simple sedan or a luxury vehicle. You deserve to find one that will work with your needs as much as possible. When speaking with a dealer about a vehicle, it’s crucial that you ask the right questions.

Whether the car is used or new, you should ask them about it. Get information about things like mileage, past usage, and what kind of engine qualities it is. You should take a good look at the vehicle and inquire about anything that you’re unsure of. Make sure to be as polite as possible when asking the questions.

Narrow Down Options

When going to a dealership to buy a car, you should have a good idea of what you want. This should be based on factors such as your budget, your needs for a vehicle, and what kind of vehicles you like to drive. If you’re going in with no idea, you’re going to make things difficult for yourself at the dealer.

Before going to the dealership, make a list of things you generally need from a car. These shouldn’t be requirements, as they need some level of flexibility. However, you should be sure about what kind of things you would like out of a car. It’s your purchasing decision and one that you need to take as seriously as possible.


You need to use your negotiating power as well as possible when purchasing a vehicle. Sticker price doesn’t need to be the final price. You can’t beg them to chop the price in half. However, you can use your mental wherewithal to purchase your vehicle for the best price possible. When negotiating keep in mind other expenses such as gas, routine maintenance, license and registration as well as insurance for new cars.

Be flexible when you’re negotiating. Don’t drop the price so low, as your dealer will have trouble taking you seriously. Make sure you give them options that don’t seem insulting. You will have to pay a good amount of money, and you don’t want to act like you’re going to drive off with a huge bargain. You want to work with the dealer, not against them. A positive relationship will make all the difference when it comes to negotiating.

Enjoy Buying Your First Car

A dealership is a great place to buy a new car from. With your first car purchase, you want to be as pragmatic as possible. By following these tips, you can shop smart when looking for your first car.

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Written by Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from the University of California-Sacramento with a degree in Journalism.

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