Merely seeing her sends your spirit soaring! The happiest moments of life are when you’re together. When apart, you count the hours until your reunion. You’re considering making a lifetime commitment but worry if she’s the right woman. How can you tell? Here are five clues that verify she’s “The One.”

1. She makes you feel at ease.

A red flag for future trouble within a marriage is having to edit your words and actions. However, lovedignity reveals that if she syncs with your personality “as is,” it’s smooth sailing. Hiding traits creates problems when the “real” you emerges. Such surprises often lead to divorce. Open expression sets the stage for a trusting relationship.

2. She shares your values and priorities.

This is a primary sign of compatibility, according to eHarmony. Common beliefs and aspirations lay the foundation for growth.

Examples of values are:

  • She frugally uses money and resources.
  • She regards honesty as vital to relationship.
  • She prefers a sense of humor in a partner.
  • She believes in God and religion.

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Goals can vary based on personalities and interests:

  • You want a career since it gives your life meaning.
  • You’d like to have a family.
  • You seek to balance work and home activities.
  • You’re willing to work hard for what you want.

If your priorities match, you’re on the same path to fulfillment.

3. She’s able to compromise.

To maintain unity throughout your marriage, most of the time you’ll need to agree on fundamental issues. When you don’t, the capacity to resolve conflict is required. To gain common ground, you both need to be sincere and flexible.

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Can she discuss differences calmly, without getting combative? Can she try on your viewpoint toward greater understanding? If you’re both willing to change your positions without getting resentful, you have the right mental chemistry.

4. She truly loves you.

Are your conversations focused or distracted? When you don’t feel well, does she care for you? Does she openly express concern and affection? A 2014 article in Psychology Today describes ways to know if so-called love is authentic.

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Here are the most significant ones:

  • Helping in times of need is reciprocated.
  • She has genuine interest in the details of your life.
  • Major decisions are made together.
  • She listens intently when you speak.
  • She respects you.
  • She makes you feel good about yourself.

Does she score high on these signs of devotion? If so, it bodes well for a happy marriage.

5. She’s matured for marriage.

Being responsible and wise improve with time, but she should be dependable now. Lifehack describes signs of maturity. Assess if she is:

  • Emotionally consistent
  • Ambitious about pursuing goals
  • Dedicated to self-improvement
  • Free of pettiness and jealousy
  • Focused on giving versus taking

Honestly evaluate yourself, too! It isn’t fair to ask for qualities in a spouse when you fail to implement them yourself. Your personalities, while different, should bring out the best in each other.

The Perfect Sparkler

Compatibility is an ideal blending of two personalities. Once you know she’s the perfect partner, how do you choose the perfect sparkler? Whether she picks it out herself or it’s a total surprise deciding on the right ring is a big decision. Jewelers like Best Brilliance recommend anti-theft protection measures like laser inscription for easy identification in case it gets lost or stolen. Remember to purchase a ring within your budget and plan for additional insurance and protection costs.

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Do you hear wedding bells? When you’ve found your soulmate, you’ll have an inner knowing and your instincts will ring true. While there are no perfect people, it’s a special thing to have found the perfect person for you. The day you propose will surely be one of the best days of your life.