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If you’re looking for that classic French artisan lifestyle, look no further than the Left Bank in Paris. Tucked between the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides, this Parisan neighborhood is peppered with quaint cafes, designer boutiques, and historical museums. But one secret hideaway has become the epicenter of local culture. Le Cinq Codet is a beautiful 5-star boutique designer hotel that is quickly making a name for itself among Parisian aristocrats and modern-day bohemians. This former telephone exchange from the 1930’s, has become a quiet, sunlight laden refuge for locals and travelers alike in the heart of the Left Bank.

The area is historically notable for being the former home of legendary artists like Picasso, Matisse, and Hemingway, and has many hidden gems laced throughout side streets and alleyways that offshoot the larger avenues. With salient architecture and large glass facades bathing every space in sunlight, this hotel is among the subtle refinement that grace the Left Bank, providing a serene retreat from the busy surroundings.

The Super Green Art Exhibit

At its core, Le Cinq is more than a hotel; rather, it is a thoughtful and dedicated take on contemporary art curation. From the oak accents and modern designs that welcome guests into their rooms, to the undiscovered musical selections that hint at auditory explorations in the elevator and even the variety and quality found in each morning’s breakfast feast, it is evident that chic sophistication is the hotel’s resounding theme.

In honor of Paris Design Week, Le Cinq Codet hosted an exhibit entitled ‘Super Green’, which showcased works from local emerging artists. Entering the lounge required passing through “Green Path” by Un Peu Beacoup. This multi-sensory installation included panels with live moss, adding not only vivid greens to clearly showcase the theme, but also some scents of nature, which prove quite the relief amid city life.

Once in the lounge, Julien Discrit’s video of ants crawling on a bright white Mobius strip amid a washed out background mesmerizes patrons while they enjoy cocktails. And if you need a break but aren’t quite ready to retire, the standing chair by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte entitled “Paradosso” defines the intermediate of engaging and resting.

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Photos courtesy of Le Cinq Codet

The Stay

The most enduring quality taken away from staying at Le Cinq Codet is the genuine hospitality. The service and considerations are consistent throughout the experience. Beyond that, amenities found in nooks in both the room and the hotel itself show a continuous consideration for well-being.

The hotel features a fitness suite and a Jacuzzi room full of ambiance. The rooms accouterments are too many to list, but things as small as being able to AirPlay your music to a speaker in the bathroom can sometimes be all you need to top off your night.

Jean-Philippe Nue’s contemporary design of the hotel enumerates the modern feel of Paris today. The acoustic isolation and sunshine laden vistas of the hotel provide that welcoming touch that allow it to be a home away from home. For the traveler looking for a modern take on luxury in the heart of Paris, Le Cinq Codet might just be the ideal destination. 

To learn more or book your stay, visit Le Cinq Codet.

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