5 Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Medical Career Progression

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You’ve worked hard to get this far in your medical career. But if things are feeling a little stagnant right now, don’t despair. There are many ways to drive your career toward your goals. If you’re keen to earn that pay rise or be awarded a timely promotion, you’re not alone. Lots of professionals within medical care and services are worried they’re not progressing as they should be. Here are our 5 tips to help you stay on top:

Read The Journals

Medical journals, trade magazines and newsletter articles might make for boring reading for some. If you spend time reading through what other medical professionals have been publishing you’re keeping up with industry advances. They’re staying on top of developments, and they’re broadening their knowledge. Best of all, they’re feeding their creativity to come up with new ideas. You’ll have plenty to talk about with your boss at your next review!

Check Your Certification And Qualifications

Many of us forget to renew our certification, just like we can forget to renew the household insurance. It happens. But if you’re careful to pop the renewal dates on your phone calendar with an alert, you can stay on top and never run out. It’s important you try to acquire more qualifications every year or so too. Recognized qualifications like the ACLS certification are essential for many medical practitioners, yet many have yet to achieve it. Find something that would be useful and interesting for your career.

Don’t Be Afraid To Specialize In New Ways

It doesn’t matter what your role is in the workplace. It’s not just top surgeons that specialize! You too can forward your career by undertaking specialist research or training in niche areas. This might even move your career in a completely different direction. You might be open to new work assignments with new work environments and different types of patient. You could end up with a new boss who is more open to your career development too!


It’s important to network as often as you can. Most industries rely on it for career progressions. It really can be a case of ‘who you know’ these days. Things can go wrong in a job. You might not be slapped with a medical malpractice suit, but you might still find it necessary to leave your role. A network of good contacts can help you find your next job long quickly and easily without putting a dent in your career. It’s a great way to hear of opportunities as they come up so you can be first in line.

Monitor Your Anniversaries

You’ve already put your certification anniversaries on your phone, but have you put your review dates in there? Sometimes you need to initiate a review. And sometimes you need to push for a meeting to demand the promotion or pay rise you deserve. If your boss puts you off, put the next date on the calendar. You should be awarded a pay rise every year and be considered for promotion every two to three years. Are you ready to progress your medical career?

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Written by Millennial Staff

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