Do we really have to start the article with the cliché sentence that millennial parents want the best from their child’s education? Not really, that’s a well-known fact. However, it’s also very safe to say that education changed a lot in the last two decades – mostly because of all the technological advances that are being incorporated in the education system nowadays, which raised the bar even higher. Not only that, but new parents, millennials, know this struggle better than their parents had known – and thus are more included in the education system. Now the competition is stronger than ever, and all parents have to do the best they can to ensure their child’s future in a renowned high-school or University. Take a look at the most common things today’s parents expect from their children’s education.

A wide variety of learning resources 

It is not just about going to lectures anymore. The modern and millennial parent wants diversity and variety in what their child can access. We live in an age where there are so many different ways to get an education without paying for one, that if we have to pay for our child’s education, we had better make sure we’re getting our money’s worth! Online education is at the forefront of many universities’ curriculum, such as the Marymount University online programs. But online learning is best as part of a wide range of approaches, especially as we can’t learn everything by staring at a screen. 

Good results

Without any doubt, every parent expects the best results their kid can get. And this is a thing that didn’t change a lot – all generations sought that. However, as already mentioned, millennial parents know that the competition is very fierce, and they will indeed try anything to help their child do their best. Not only do they seek good grades at school, but they also cheer for any certificate the children can obtain, knowing it will mean for something in later life. In Australia and New Zealand, for example, it doesn’t really matter if the child will enroll at a vocational school after the primary education, find a job or enroll at the University – parents expect from the education system to prepare them just for that.

Good communication with the teacher

Even though this was not the case three decades ago, the involvement of millennial parents in the school system is very common nowadays. Most of the parents wish to be involved with the school on a daily basis, which would mean attend all parent-teacher meetings, being in personal contact with the teacher, and helping out anytime the school needs help (such as certain parties or events). The most important reason behind this is to see how their child is doing and to be first to know if any problem shows up. They also use this opportunity to see if their child has difficulties in any aspect of schooling, if they need to focus more on certain things and how they get along with other children.

Good GPA

Moreover, it’s very important to note down how big expectations certain parents have, which mostly revolve around enrolling at the best universities in Australia and beyond. This is why most of parents care a lot about the scores and the overall GPA, knowing that this will ensure them a position at one of the many prestigious Universities. That is why many opt for tutors – so that their child gets the best of both worlds. So when they see that their child is a bit behind on a certain subject, or if they just want their children to learn more than they do at school, they choose tutoring in Auckland or any other city to help them. And luckily, this is always a good idea and very advisable, since one-to-one tuition doesn’t only build confidence, but delivers results, as well.

Practical knowledge

For some millennial parents, the theoretical knowledge taught at a school is not the most important thing, as they would want for their children to acquire as much practical knowledge as possible. And this is totally understandable, as there are plenty of instances where theory didn’t meet the practical expectations. It is very important for their children to be put into real-life situations in which they will have to use that specific knowledge, which will furthermore help them tremendously in the future.


Last but certainly not the least, most of the Australian parents expect their children to learn basic human values such as tolerance towards all minorities, kindness and respect. Since we live in a world where we wish for 30 hours in a day to do everything we are supposed to do, it happens that parents don’t work on this enough with their children. Luckily, the educational system has many aces up their sleeves as far as this topic is concerned.

Education Is Important To Millennial Parents

To sum up, being a millennial parent is very challenging. You don’t only have to think about raising your child the best you can, but you have to worry about their school, and thus, their future. However, if you focus on the right things and teach your child certain basic lessons, you’ll see the results.