You cannot overlook the value of a top-quality crib mattress as newly born babies sleep for extended periods in order to develop and thrive. However, if they are experiencing difficulty sleeping, poor mattress quality might be one of the causes. Follow our main guidelines to get your hands on the best crib possible.

The Correct Size

Your infant’s mattress must fit snugly into the crib to keep him or her secure. Separating the side of the mattress and the crib frame, there should be no more than a width of a couple of fingers. If you make it any larger, your infant may get caught between the two, causing them harm or any form of strangulation.

The size of the mattress in most cribs is standard, however, it can vary. Make sure you know the precise dimensions of your crib before making a purchase. Mattress vents improve airflow and stop extra moisture that can cause fungus, mold, and any bad odors. Hence, look for small, reinforced holes around the sides of your bed when you’re shopping. It’s preferable if there are a lot of air holes for optimum performance.

Check The Tag

After you’ve got an idea of the various pricing ranges, start with hopping to different stores to examine what a high-quality baby mattress resembles and feels. We recommend you start by checking the tagline. Manufacturers are obligated to disclose by law the materials used in their mattresses.

Don’t purchase any item from a manufacturer who doesn’t inform you of this at the store, through display windows, or through online platforms. In fact, you are capable of figuring out what each layer’s components are. When you push downwards, your hand should immediately bounce back up as seen with the Contours Vibes crib mattress, as the most common error parents fall for is selecting bedding that is comfy for them. It is preferable to choose a baby mattress that is firmer than your own taste.


You do not have to go far and beyond for your budget as the cost of a decent mattress normally ranges between 80 US dollars to 200 US dollars. However, a higher price tag includes certain exceptional benefits. You may spend more than 200 US dollars if you are prioritizing beds made of entirely organic materials, or for a mattress with an allergy reduction cover.

You could very well discover one that is appropriate and up-to-date if you contemplate buying a secondhand crib mattress in order to save money. Yet, it is very hard to make sure of its quality, since you cannot prove if it has been well preserved or has never been dirty.

Make Sure It Is Waterproof

A waterproof covering should be included on a baby mattress to prevent liquids from seeping through to the interior. Any leaks and infant sickness are unavoidable, but no one wants bacteria to grow in the middle of the mattress, making it unsanitary for your infant to sleep on.

Furthermore, you don’t want your infant to sleep on a soiled surface. However, some baby mattresses claim to be waterproof on the package and tag, but only feature a waterproof covering on the bottom edge. Thus, any fluids will be trapped within the mattress, turning it into an unclean mess. Other brands offer a partially waterproof covering that is movable but can only be tucked over the mattress’s middle, so it is better to buy an extra protector to be on the safer side.

Mattress With A Cover

It is considerably easier to keep a crib mattress clean if it comes with a cover. When you have a nighttime mishap, simply remove the cover and throw it in the washer. As you don’t want to be stuck fumbling with the cover in the middle of the night if you’re dealing with a mess. If the baby mattress includes a cover, inspect it for ease of use and wash it multiple times at the suggested temperature to check for zipper line shrinkage.

Overall, we remind you to never put your baby on a normal mattress or other soft surfaces to sleep. If you worry about the long-term comfort of your tiny one, choose a two-edged mattress, as one edge should be quite firm designed for newborn use and the other side should provide softness and comfort. In addition, falls that might startle or even hurt your infant can be avoided with the use of safety rails. Do not forget that the height of the safety rail is decreased in proportion to the thickness of the mattress. As a result, heavier, thicker mattresses are not advised for youngsters using safety rails when sleeping.