A rock being thrown at your car while driving or a tree branch falling over it at night while it is parked, any of these situations can break the car’s window or even crack it. Other damage can happen too, leaving you with a broken car window.

If this happens, you have to immediately get it fixed for many reasons like your safety or the safety of your passengers. In addition, if you leave the window broken anyone can break into your car and steal it, so it is not a matter that should be postponed or left to fix later. Here are a few steps to follow when dealing with such a problem.

Gather The Materials

To start the work you need to have few supplies that can easily be found. These supplies include heavy work gloves to protect your hand from all the shattered glass and to prevent yourself from getting cut or hurt. Also, you will need scotch tape, and you can not use any other type of tape as it is not safe to use. You will need a container to collect the glass or any trash, plastic bag, and paper towels to clean after you are done.

Moreover, you are gonna need adhesive tape to protect and cover the color of the car. It would be helpful too if you have a small vacuum to vacuum any glass that might have got into the car. Last but not least, grab a friend to help as this is surely not a one-person job and you will need an extra set of hands throughout the process.

Vacuum And Clean

If there are any large pieces of glass you will remove them by hand, but make sure that you are protecting yourself with the gloves. You will use the vacuum as mentioned before to clean the car carefully from any smaller pieces of glass that might have entered the interior of the car. Also, you will need to vacuum the glass around the window frame if there is any. Next, you will use a microfiber cloth to clean and prep the window frame for the taping part. With a few drops of water on the cloth, you will clean the surface so the tape sticks properly on the cleaner surface later on. Lastly, do not forget to dry the surface after cleaning it, as the tape will not stick if it is still wet.

Prep The Window

You are gonna start with taking the measurements of the hole, then cut the plastic bag according to these dimensions. You will then place the plastic bag over the hole and with the help of your friend you are gonna apply the clear packing tape. You might also want to apply the tape in the middle of the plastic bag, to hold it tightly and not fly away, and you can apply a second layer of tape to be more careful. If it is your first time dealing with this problem then it will not be an easy task, so it is better if you learn more from www.americaswindshield.com, they will help you through the whole process. When you are finished, you will have a temporary window until you get the new glass.

The Importance Of Dealing With This Problem

A cracked, or a broken window is for sure a safety hazard, so it is essential to get it fixed as quickly as you can. Using your car with a broken or cracked window can be dangerous to anyone riding the vehicle. Glass particles can easily come loose under the slightest pressure or speed, which can for sure cause a lot of harm.

There are a lot of people who are super attached to their cars, they spend most of their money on it, buying new things to add to the decor of the car, changing the sound system in the car, taking care of its neatness, and making sure it never gets dirty. If you are one of these people, then you will feel secure if you fix and repair your car at a trusted place that you have been working with for a long time.

If you just got your car and do not know who to deal with, then search on the internet or ask your friends and family, but make sure that whoever you take your car to is someone who masters his work.