Are you looking to start making investments without someone else’s interference? It used to be that when you wanted to invest, you had to call up your bank or a stockbroker, pay high fees just to buy stock, and even more when you sold it.

You could invest in mutual funds directed by a financial professional, but again, you’re paying for someone else’s expertise, and you don’t have control over what you own. With rising interest in ethical investing, plenty of young investors have no interest in letting a mutual fund director put their money in companies that are bad for the environment.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to invest online in whatever you want. It’s a way to invest while putting your goals, interest, and priorities first. These are some of the easiest investments you can make online in no time.

#1 Buy Stocks Your Way

You don’t need a broker to buy stocks anymore. Stock trading apps put you in control, and with the development of apps like Robinhood, you no longer have to pay a commission or fee every time you trade.

It’s a great way to get into active trading, where you decide what companies you to invest in. There’s a steep learning curve if you want to invest in stocks on your own, but it can be a great way to invest small amounts of money as a hobby or if you want to dive deep into the stock market.

#2 Buy Gold and Silver Online

Did you know you can buy precious metals from just about anywhere now? Gold and silver dealers do a lot of business online, where you can compare coins, bars, and prices at your leisure, without dealing with any pressure tactics.

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It’s the best way to see the widest possible inventory and find the best deals. When you buy silver online, you want to make sure you’re getting the best product with the lowest premiums.

#3 Cryptocurrency

The barriers to buying cryptocurrency have really come down in recent years. First, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet, essentially an app where you can digitally store your cryptocurrency. You can typically do this on the same platform where you buy and sell crypto, such as an exchange or even many of the same apps that let you buy stocks directly.

#4 Robo-Advisors

You want to be able to invest without having to talk to a broker, but you’re not ready to do your own research and pick your own stocks. Now, you can simply use a robo-advisor to set up your own funds.

Robo-advisors use algorithms to determine what to invest in. They use established investment models and best practices in investment theory. The fees are low, and there is typically no minimum balance, making them an accessible way to invest.

There’s also a growing market for socially responsible automated investing services that focus on funds and ETFs that match their mission.

The investment world is more accessible than ever. Take advantage of your options online and find what works for you.