Many people make their New Year’s Resolution to become a happier person. In order to become that person, they’ll make goals that they believe the results will lead to that end result. For many, the surest path to happiness is to work on feeling better about your self-image. Here are four ways to get started on your journey of seeing yourself in a more positive light:

Say Cheese!

Seriously, right now, look up from your screen for a second and smile! Now do this as often as possible every single day. Yes, you’re probably faking it in this exact moment. Little by little, though, it’ll become a habit. As described by the Scientific American, the facial expressions we wear significantly influence the way that we feel. However, some people don’t smile because they don’t like the way that their smile looks. If something about your smile is holding you back from sharing it with the world, consider getting orthodontic treatment. Consider it a small investment with big self-image payoffs!

Dear Self….Love, Yourself

Get a journal. It could be a simple lined notebook like the ones you used to use to write notes on at school or it could be a fancy, leather-bound one that speaks to your personality and entices you to write. In its pages, take the opportunity to write to yourself in it every single day. Focus on things that you are grateful for, thank yourself for the accomplishments you have made so far, plan out the goals and dreams that you are working on for your future, and—more importantly—remind yourself what you love about yourself that day. As the Huffington Post explains, writing down ideas helps you to remember them better and makes them more powerful. Plus, you’ll have a great refresher at the ready for those moments when your self-image has taken a beating. In those situations, just go back and read the positive things that you’ve written down.

Find Your Style

There is one big problem with following fashion trends: not every look works on every body. Instead of trying to improve your self-image by blowing your money on what’s in vogue, find clothes that fit your body and your personality. The more comfortable you feel, the happier you will be. Once you find a cut that is tailored to your body, you will always look on point!

Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

The people we surround ourselves with impact our self-image. Take inventory of your friends, coworkers, and family members. Consider how you feel about yourself with each of them, and why. While we cannot always choose the people we’re surrounded by, one positive interaction outweighs several negative ones. Make a conscious effort to spend time every day with at least one person who mirrors back your best self-image!

A Good Self-Image Starts From Within

Even though outside influences threaten your ego every day, you have the ultimate say! To find happiness, start with these four positive measures, and then see where else your journey takes you. Be your own biggest fan!