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Fascinated by the field of Psychology and discovering why people do what they do, Erica Portillo was hooked after taking her first Intro to Psych course in high school.

Possessing the therapeutic trifecta-an analytical mind, genuine heart, and logical advice- Erica was a natural counselor and pursued a career in which she could make a difference. She earned a MSW from the University of Chicago, and has been providing counseling to children and families for the past 7 years.  Inspired by her clients’ inner strengths and resilience, Erica finds her career choice beyond rewarding.

Wishing to branch out and share her experiences in her honest, heartfelt voice, Erica Portillo is now offering coaching to Millennials on life, love and everything in between. She encourages clients to forge a path they’ve always dreamed of and find ultimate happiness.

Divider-32Year born: 1981

Age: 33

City: Chicago, IL

Background: Masters of Social Work, University of Chicago

Profession: Clinical Social Worker

Tools of the Trade: Macbook Pro

Connect:  Website // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube


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