Fat Buddha Launches Monthly Subscription Box With Bodhi Glass

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Fat Buddha is a glass company that prides itself on making artistic, one-of-a-kind smoking essentials. It began as one man’s passion and hobby, but now the online retailer offers an extensive line of quality pipes, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and more! Each piece is a work of art and slightly different in height, colors, shapes, and swirls – ensuring that each customer will have something unique.

The glass enthusiasts at Fat Buddha craft pieces that are designed to enlighten its users. This philosophy goes hand-in-hand with the company’s mission, which is to provide an elevated experience for both flower and concentrate smokers alike.

Fat Buddha has introduced Bodhi Glass, a new line of bongs featuring five styles handmade by a small group of passionate artists committed to quality and innovation. Equally impressive is their collection of hand pipes available in a range of colors, made of weighted marbled glass, and featuring 14mm glass bowls and downstems. These products are as much fun to look at as they are to use!

Fat Buddha Monthly Subscription Box

Fat Buddha is now offering customers the chance to sign up for a monthly subscription box that includes everything from flower and cannabis concentrates products to handy smoke accessories that provide a next-level experience.

The box is hand-packed and will always include a variety of items to suit any taste, whether you prefer pipes or bongs for your flower or dab rigs for concentrates! Every subscriber now has the opportunity to enjoy the quality of Bodhi glass each month without ever having duplicates!

Attention to Detail

Fat Buddha Glass makes it easy to buy a variety of hard-to-find glass smoking accessories by pairing their online store with an order fulfillment service. With this approach, they’re stocked and ready to ship so shoppers always have first access to products which eliminates wait times.

And for those customers who want more than just a once -in-a-while purchase, the Fat Buddha monthly subscription box is a great way to get all the best smoking gear without wasting time!

See What Is Included

Watch the video from to see what is included in this month’s subscription box.

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