We all have skin. Unless you happen to be one of the walking dead. So, you might think there is little difference between men’s and women’s skin care needs. But actually, men and women have different types of skin. Therefore, their skincare needs are indeed different. However, the aim of both men’s and women’s skincare routines is the same: to have healthy and vibrant-looking skin.

Always Read the Ingredients on Skincare Products

Most skincare products on the market contain ingredients like preservatives, alcohols, essential oils, parabens, and sulfates that have the potential to cause irritation and damage to your skin. So, whatever gender you are, it is important to read the ingredients on skincare products before you start using them. You can use an online ingredients checker to find out the potential risks specific ingredients pose to your skin’s health. However, just because an ingredient is labeled as potentially harmful, it does not mean it will be dangerous or ineffective for you. It strongly depends on your skin type and any allergies, and the concentration of the ingredient. If you are looking for a skincare product to treat issues like acne or hyperpigmentation, the dermatologists at Nava MD create customized treatments with carefully selected ingredients for your precise skin type and condition.

The Differences Between Men and Women’s Skin

Men’s skin is different from women’s skin. Firstly, men’s skin is 20% to 30% thicker than women’s skin. Secondly, men have more hair follicles, especially on their faces. Men’s hair follicles are larger too. Furthermore, women’s skin does not age as well as men’s skin, and men produce more oil due to having more sebaceous glands. Most of those differences are due to hormonal differences between the two sexes.

The Differences in Men and Women’s Skincare Products

Because men’s skin tends to be more sebaceous and have a higher density of hair follicles, it means they need active ingredients that are oilier than those required by women; and which have ingredients with higher concentrations. For that reason, women tend to use cream-based cleansers while men generally use gel-based ones.

Additionally, men shave their faces. That means they can experience problems like razor burns and bumps and ingrown hairs, unlike most women. So, men can use products like face washes and scrubs that leave their skin hydrated. Scrubs also help to move hairs up and away from the pores of the skin, helping to prevent in-growing hairs; as well as providing a cleaner shave.

Women generally use skincare products with ingredient concentrations that are lower than those used in men’s products due to their different skin. But women also have a lot more products available than men do. Women’s skincare needs are more complex than men’s requirements.
For instance, women can find skincare products for things like wrinkles, fine lines, firming, even skin tone, oil control, and extra hydration, whereas men have much more product limitations.

That is largely driven by women generally paying more attention to their skincare than men. But men are starting to pay more and more attention to their skin’s health. So, while it is clear that men and women do indeed have some different skincare needs, it is important that the two sexes have regular skincare routines to ensure their skin remains healthy and youthful.