Do You Have Liability If You’re Hit By Someone With A Car?

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Car accidents can lead to serious personal injuries and damage to property. In almost all the states, car insurance is compulsory for all registered vehicles.

In the unfortunate scenario that someone with a car has hit you, there are crucial things you need to be aware of about liability. Insurance coverage helps cover the expenses in an automobile accident.

What is Liability Insurance?

Auto liability insurance refers to a type of car insurance coverage that covers damage or injury caused by car accidents. The insurance may also extend to cover legal lawsuits. The two types of coverage are:

  • Property damage liability covers the damage to the property of others if you are at fault for the accident.
  • Bodily injury liability covers the cost of the injuries the other party may have incurred due to the accident.

It is vital that you contact a certified personal injury and accident lawyer as soon as possible for help with your insurance claim. You can consult The May Firm for all your legal needs after an accident.

What Does Liability Car Insurance Cover?

If you cause an accident, the insurance covers the medical expenses and any property damage to the other party. It ensures whoever is at fault and the affected people do not have to face high costs. It also helps ensure the involved parties receive some compensation in an accident that your actions caused.

What Does Bodily Injury Liability Cover?

Despite the uniqueness of every insurance claim, bodily injury generally covers;

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Funeral expenses
  • Related legal expenses

If the injured party’s expenses exceed the limit of the bodily injury coverage on your policy, you may have to cater to the extra costs yourself.

What Does Property Damage Liability Insurance Cover?

The property damage insurance covers the following:

  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Cost of renting a replacement vehicle for the other party during repairs
  • Any lost business revenues
  • Related legal fees

It is important to note that the coverage only pays for the damage you caused to the other party’s property. It does not cover the cost of repairing any damage your vehicle may have received during the accident.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Liability Insurance?

The cost of insurance may vary depending on:

Do You Need Other Types of Insurance Coverage?

You must have other insurance covers as liability insurance only pays for the medical expenses and damages caused to the other party. You will have to pay for the damage to your vehicle yourself. In addition to the types of insurance available, you may also need:

  • Collision coverage covers the cost of damage to your vehicle due to a collision with other objects and vehicles.
  • Comprehensive coverage covers the costs when your vehicle sustains damage due to theft, vandalism, or even weather events.
  • Roadside assistance coverage covers the expenses if your vehicle needs to be towed after breaking down.

Some of the commonly asked questions when it comes to insurance coverages include:

  • Do I have liability if hit by someone with a car? – It will help to understand that liability insurance does not cover the costs if another party causes the accident. The other party’s insurance coverage will handle the damages if they have any. Different insurance types such as collision insurance and motorist insurance can help cater to the damages to your car.
  • What is the best liability car insurance cover? – The best option that suits an individual may vary from person to person. It is best to consult your insurance company first.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen to anyone. It is best to have insurance covers to deal with the damages caused. It is essential to consult your legal expert when you have experienced an accident.

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