Are you thinking about moving to the Big Oz? Land of the most venomous animals, kangaroos, and bushfires? Or the land of beer, bbq, and sport? Or could it be all above? One thing is for sure – no two people are gonna experience the Land Down Under the same, there is something for everyone, but there are also a lot of things that you should know before you make a move to Australia.

1. It is huge. Like, really huge.

When you look at it on the map, it doesn’t quite seem that big. But actually, it is larger than the whole of Europe. Yes, you heard it right, the “very small” piece of land that is almost hanging on the edge of the globe is actually larger than Europe. Your first road trip (which is a must!) is definitely gonna prove you that.

2. Get your visa right

It may sound ridiculous, but getting a visa for Australia is not that smooth process. It involves a lot of paperwork, time and sometimes even lawyers, so be smart and get in touch with the best immigration lawyer Sydney area offers on time. Their government is super detailed, and our biggest advice is, to be honest and tell them everything. Not saying the truth will lead you to bigger problems, and in the end, you will probably end up being forbidden for even applying. A lot of immigrants have troubles with the visa for a no-that-big-of-a-deal reason, since their government is everything but not tolerant, and they will investigate everything. Even the slightest, innocent mistake can lead you to have your visa refused.

3. Dazzle me, dazzle me with gold.

Sun in the Oz is nothing like what you have experienced anywhere else. Trust me. Popular beliefs around weather in Australia are all right, except that they forgot to mention that it can get really hot. We’re talking over 40 degrees Celsius as a norm in some cities. Also, the ozone layer right above the Aussie is very thin, which makes the Sun extremely powerful. Don’t even go out to take a trash without sunscreen on, you’ll thank yourself later.
Of course, weather varies a lot from place to place, and for example, when it’s summer in the south, it is usually wet in the north. Melbourne is known for taking you through all four seasons in 24 hours when Brisbane is fortunate to have a tropical climate. Also, there is a lot of snow, but later about that.

4. Snow. You read that one right.

Snow is not unusual for Oz, but if you’re not from there you probably find this one pretty out of nowhere. A lot of people go for skiing holidays, and most of the resorts are concentrated in the Southeast, on the Snowy Mountains, surrounded by the Snowy River and the Snowy Plain (not even joking). Also, some places get more snowfall than Switzerland (which Aussies will proudly mention).

5. Cute and lovable kangaroos? Wouldn’t bet.

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Along with the koalas, kangaroos are basically Australia’s trademark. But people living there know how dangerous they can get, from causing a number of road accidents by jumping across the road, to inviting you to a fistfight. And not in a friendly way. Also, they are considered pests, and there are population control programs that prevent their number from going too high. As a result, you can find kangaroo meat almost everywhere, and let’s be clear – Aussies love it.

6. Barbecue is the new black.

Seriously, barbecue culture in Australia is a big deal. They have bbq spots all over the parks and different places in the country, and most importantly it is free for everyone to use, so it is a great way of socializing as well. Barbecue on the beach? Also not a problem, since you can find a lot of them on beaches, as well.

7. Coffee is taken rather seriously.

Can you think of a place that is making Starbucks close its doors? Oz, of course. Starbucks had to close most of its branches in Australia because of the local competition. Aussies seem to really be interested in everything about their artisan coffee – origin, the way of harvesting, etc. Prepare for some coffee-education when you arrive, and you will see that everything you knew about proper coffee is just the tip of the iceberg.

8. Money, money, money.

Moving to Australia is a pretty expensive decision, as with great adventure it will also bring you a very thin wallet. So prepare to bring a lot of money with you, and finding a job usually takes at least a month, so bring enough money for those weeks as well. Once you find the job, you will probably forget about the high cost of basically…. everything, since even their minimum wages are high enough to cover leisurely life and basic needs.

9. Road trips are essential.

Chances are high that probably only two places that people can think of when thinking about Oz, are Sydney and Melbourne. Which is least to say sad, but it is also understandable since 90% of all population is concentrated in cities. But there is so much more than that! Nature is incredible and breathtaking. Go out, rent a campervan and enjoy, some of the most beautiful places are far away from city noise.

Making The Move To Australia

Hopefully, you got some insight that will help you with making your decision. Take your time, since moving to such a big country that is so far away is something that has to be thought through carefully. But once you decide, and if your decision is positive, have a great time, and don’t be afraid to explore. This country will leave you with some of the best memories you can get.