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If you work from home, then you already know the number of distractions occurring regularly. You may experience kids screaming, phones ringing, people coming and many other distractions and this often slows down your productivity. Here are some things you might want to consider if you are working from home.

Use a Timer

Research suggests that working for 52 minutes before taking a 17-minute break is ideal. Many people find that using a timer helps them concentrate on tasks at hand without worrying about quitting time. Some find that using a stopwatch timer allows them to be more honest with themselves about how much time they are actually working. Others find that using timers that block access to social media or other online activities during certain periods helps them stay productive. If you regularly bill clients for the hours worked on their project, there are even timers that will automate this task.

As part of practicing time management working from home, you may want to consider the Pomodoro technique. This is where you work for 25 minutes, take a break for 5, and then repeat that process over and over. You can use your timer to keep track of this. If you get distracted during a Pomodoro, reset the timer. The point is to be the most productive that you can be during the allotted time and to discipline yourself against distractions.

Employ Background Noise

If you find that your mind is constantly being distracted by various noises, then you may benefit from a white noise program. These allow you to play recorded sounds while you work helping to block out sounds in your home. Scientists have proven that listening to classical music helps many people learn at a faster rate. Others prefer natural sounds like a gentle rain falling or the sound of a crackling fire. Many programs have built-in timers that will turn them off when your work time is done.

Install Blinders

If you find yourself distracted by events outside your home office window, then shutters, like Roman shades from Danmer Custom Window Coverings, may be the perfect answer as they block you from seeing what is going on. If your home workspace allows others to see you when you are working, then you might want to consider interior shutters. Others find it helpful to erect screens to block out everyone’s view of them working. You may also want to consider implementing regular work hours. Think about putting up a sign so that people know when you will be available.

Clear Cutter

Scientific studies have proved that it is hard to get work done when you have clutter in your workspace. People who work in an efficient area are usually more productive. Organize your space so that everything has its place. Then, keep everything in its place. Think about your logical workflow helping to eliminate unnecessary steps and movement.

You Can Be Productive Working From Home

There are many different ways to be productive when working from home. Use these ideas and your own creativity to become an efficient home worker.

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Written by Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from the University of California-Sacramento with a degree in Journalism.

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