There’s nothing more romantic than Paris, with its history and narrow streets with cute cafes that seem like they invite you to sit there with the one you love and share a drink or a meal. So, it’s no wonder that many newlyweds opt for a honeymoon in Paris as it has everything a young couple in love needs. Romantic atmosphere, beautiful architecture, wonderful jewelry stores, and restaurants that seem like they’re made only for enamored couples in mind. 

So, If you’re planning a honeymoon trip to Paris, here is the ultimate guide of where to go and what to see while celebrating the beginning of the chapter in your life:

Millennial Magazine- Honeymoon in ParisWalk along the Seine

The Seine is the stunning river so much that one can do nothing all day, but admire its beauty. Walking along the Seine offers so many things to do — Louvre is a great place to start your walking journey, and you can end it at Notre Dame, as they’re all nearby the river. Aside from that, you can visit the pop-up bookshops or cross the Alexander III bridge, there are a lot of options, and most of them can be romantic and apt for a newly-married couple.

Enjoy the view

You can’t honeymoon in Paris without stopping somewhere to admire the spectacular view from one of the many well-known viewpoints. If you don’t know where to start, it’s best to go to the Montparnasse Tower or Arc de Triomphe. Another great option would be top of the Notre Dame, especially as there are gargoyles in the backyard, but considering the fires that have been struck Notre Dame, maybe it’s best to ask someone when you get there, so you’ll be sure that it’s safe. Admiring the view is the ultimate Parisian experience that you shouldn’t miss, especially if it’s your first time there.

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If you fall in love with this gorgeous city, you can decide to move there and even obtain French citizenship after a few years of living in this country.

Embrace your inner French chic couple

Honeymoon in Paris is the perfect opportunity to be chic and channel some of the most iconic French couples, such as Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Of course, that requires you to be well-dressed and stylish, so feel free to experiment with cute dresses from Realisation par clothing, that are also very comfortable so you’ll feel great while riding a bike on the streets of Paris with your beau. You two can also share a croissant or drink wine while lounging one of the many Parisian parks. Being elegant is one of the things you should consider if you don’t want to be seen as a tourist straight away. Also, since high couture started in France, it’s only fair to embrace French street style and opt for comfortable, yet elegant trousers, blazers or comfy moccasins.

Millennial Magazine- Honeymoon in ParisExplore the Parisian tourist spots

Just because you don’t want to be automatically identified as a tourist, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit the regular tourist hot spots such as Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Palace de Versailles. Just make sure to plan carefully so you’ll be able to visit everything. Also, it’s advisable to book tickets online and in advance since they tend to be more expensive if bought on the day of the visit. Being in Paris can also be exhausting, so make sure to get acquainted with public transportation, as then you’ll be free to go anywhere you want without the fear of getting lost.

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Once in a lifetime Honeymoon in Paris 

Paris is such an iconic and stunning city that one visit is simply not enough. Aside from well-known landmarks, there are also others, less famous places, the equally, if not more breathtaking and worth a visit. Feel free to explore and embrace the city’s unique vibe, so next time you’re there, you’ll feel at home.