Planning a party in New York City doesn’t have to be expensive. From spontaneous get-togethers to carefully planned events, you can host anything you wish when you rent cheap event space in NYC.

How to Start Planning Your Event

When organizing an event, you need to be strategic about the venue and location you choose because it will have a domino effect on everything else related to the event, for example, the date, speaker lineups, catering options, and attendees’ experience.

Do your research and consider all factors that could make or break your event in New York before deciding on the venue and location.

Questions to Ask Yourself

There are a few key factors you’ll want to keep in mind when venue-hunting, such as:

  1. Location: Is the venue accessible for your guests to find and get to?
  2. Parking: Is there adequate parking available?
  3. Capacity and Minimums: Does the venue have the capacity to accommodate your guest list, and are there any minimum food and beverage spending requirements?

What Does it Cost to Rent Event Spaces in New York City?

Venue rentals typically charge per hour and have a minimum amount of hours required to rent. The price can range depending on the size and amenities of the venue.

Quite a few venues prefer not to list their price per hour, as they tailor according to your specifications and needs. However, we’ve found that many venue hiring agents charge anywhere from $100 $2,000 + per hour. Of course, large warehouses will cost much more than a small studio.

While not everyone can afford to rent the Palladium for the night, reaching out to a venue rental service is possible to get an accurate estimate of how much your event will cost to space. Ask if they have any minimum rental requirements, as this could affect your total costs. Once you have a few quotes, you’ll be able to better budget for your event space rental.

How much space do you need?

Event planners know that finding the perfect venue is key to hosting a successful event, but what good is a venue if it can’t accommodate your guests?

A room that comfortably fits 100 people will need to be a minimum of 600-1,000 square feet without considering other factors that may use up additional space, such as Different table sizes, rows of chairs, a buffet line, a dance floor, etc. The size of the room you’ll need in the end will depend on what other elements are involved in your event.

Using a Service to Rent Affordable Event Space

Choosing the right venue for your project is key to its success, and with an online service like Storefront, it’s easy to find the perfect space in just three steps:

1. Choose your location

The service will allow you to choose from flexible rentals in high-traffic areas with excellent visibility so your project gets maximum exposure.

2. Connect with them

Once you’ve found a few spaces that meet your criteria, their team will assist you.

3. Launch your project

Good event space hiring services offer advice and guarantees to streamline your short-term opening process so you can get started quickly and successfully.

So go ahead and let your hair down – NYC has got you covered when renting affordable event space.