Your marriage is only one part of the life transition which occurs with matrimony. The other half of this ceremony is the honeymoon, and it’s very important. Now certainly, there are situations where marriage is accompanied with little to no funding, and as a result there’s a weak honeymoon.

That doesn’t mean the marriage will be loveless, but for goodness sake, if there is cause to celebrate in life, it is after you’ve gotten married. It’s one of those events that just deserves to be commemorated. It may even make sense for an impoverished couple that may not have the resources to throw a lavish honeymoon to elope, and seek adventure for a time before establishing themselves in some new place.

But here’s the thing: even if you aren’t flush with cash, there are ways to legitimately raise money for your honeymoon without losing face, without debasing yourself, and without that much difficulty. Crowd-sourcing the expenses with make your honeymoon happen and help you enjoy the experience to the maximum. All you’ve got to do is make an account.

Long Term Realities

A marriage will ideally last a lifetime. If you’re going to make that happen, you need to plan out the initial stages of the partnership, and give all care to the relationship which follows. When you and your new spouse can explore somewhere neither of you have been before, to a degree, that levels the playing field.

Where before, you had your family and social groups as facilitated through normal society for a “cushion” in the event of the unexpected, now it’s just you, your spouse, and Tangier—or wherever you’ve decided to go. You truly have to rely on one another. This means you have to learn each other.

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There will be passionate, wild, wonderful times. And there will be blowups. Learning to adopt new roles as they become central to your new life isn’t easy. In any new situation, there will be missteps, and there will be bad things said as well as done. But then, the good often outweighs the bad.

Dress Sexy, Be Healthy

One thing you can do is plan ahead. Know things will be up and down, but pleasure in your new relationship. Get some fine evening wear to show him how good a choice he made—you can find some great outfits at this website Keep yourself in shape, and eat well—it may be wise to encourage him in a healthier diet as well.

Additionally, you may be delighted to find that much exotic cuisine to be encountered on a honeymoon is healthy in and of itself, as it will come from more haute dining establishments who aren’t using synthetic foodstuffs.

Something else to consider in terms of exercise is that honeymoons are made for walks on the beach, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, suntanning, exploring, and more. If you just commit yourself to having fun, the both of you are likely to establish an active lifestyle right out the gate.

A New Beginning

Now certainly, a honeymoon must come to an end; but that end may not itself be a true end, rather, think of it as another transition. A strong honeymoon gives you a pleasurable cushion from which to base a more solid, secure, comfortable, productive marriage in the future. Because, again, hassles come, and they go.

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During your honeymoon you’ll have them, and overcome them, and then you’ll be closer for it. This is necessary for life’s even more egregious hurdles which come with advancing years, and without fail. So stretch that honeymoon out as long as you can! Perhaps the longer the better.