Vitamix Foodcycler has saved my kitchen from smelling like a landfill, turning my leftover food scraps into compost in record time!

As more and more people cook at home, (delivery adds up!) all that leftover food waste sits in the trash leaving a stinky mess. As an environmentally conscious generation, thinking of having a compost bin in an apartment takes some outdoor space and a lot of time. Both of which are hard pressed to find if you live in a city. That’s where the Vitamix Foodcycler comes in, taking all that leftover food waste and turning into compost that you can add to your garden or potted plants. 

The future of composting is here.

The function of the Foodcycler is very simple, it dehydrates your leftover food scraps then grinds it down to one tenth of the size it used to be. All it takes is loading up the bin and pressing a button, it’s literally the easiest thing to cut back on your trash production and boost your green thumb skills. The small removable half gallon size bucket inside is a decent size as long as you are not cooking a banquet, and the sound it makes when running is no louder than your average dishwasher. Average run time takes about 4 to 5 hours during our usage. 

Turn trash into garden treasure.

The Foodcycler takes in all sorts of food waste ranging from vegetable scraps, fruit peels, eggshells, and coffee grounds. It can also accept chicken and fish bones. Vitamix does mention that oily foods, large bones, nuts, hardshells, and fruit pits should be avoided when using the Foodcycler. One little feature that freshens up the place is the use of carbon filters that eliminate that rotten food odor. We’ve also noticed that trips to the garbage bin have been less frequent since all that leftover food is just tossed into the Foodcycler and not left to rot in the trash can. 

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Santa is going green!

You might ask yourself who would this be great for or will this fit in my lifestyle? Well the Vitamix Foodcycler is perfect for the environmentally conscious urban dweller that wants to do their part in cutting back on the waste we produce every day. It’s a perfect solution for any urban gardener that wants to create nutritious food for their plants and keep your kitchen smelling clean.The VItamix Foodcycler retails for $299.95 but some sweet holiday deals show this at 25% off!