One of the major benefits of technology is that it brings people closer. It facilitates work and promotes entertainment and art. Whether you are in a band, record label, music production, or a solo singer, gaining popularity on streaming platforms has become a necessity these days. A leading app in the music industry such as Spotify can certainly be a great way to broadcast your talent to others all over the world. Spotify has pioneered its way through social media apps, increasing its fame along with that of the rising artists on it. To increase your followers and get more people to follow you on Spotify, here is a list of useful tips for you.

Build a Stellar Artist Profile

It goes without saying that you must sign up by filling in all the needed fields first. You can then claim your artist profile by requesting access from Spotify for artists. You can get the features and tools to grow a fan base. A good way to vitalize your profile is by writing an amazing bio. This way can help your followers and fans to get to know you better. A simply, relatable, and inspiring backstory can appeal to anyone. It would also hint towards what music genre and style you are going for. Never forget to consider your target audience in the mix, so give the essentials as to what type of artist you are, where you are based, and your latest release.

Play Your Cards Right With Marketing

Talent is indeed essential, but it all comes down to solid marketing to build a name for yourself. You can pay for ads on Spotify and other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It also helps a great deal to share the Spotify account on social media apps. Based on the information on, many rising artists create fully-fledged marketing campaigns to promote their music. Not only will campaigns get you more followers, but they will also increase the streams and shares, which, in turn, will make your music more popular and widely recognized.

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Collaborate With Bloggers and Influencers

It’s no secret that influencers and bloggers have always had an undeniable appeal to people. They find inspiration in their lifestyles, posts, videos, beliefs, and of course what they often market. So, it is smart to use this to your advantage. Bloggers and influencers can post about your Spotify profile, encouraging more people to check it out and spread the word to others. This can significantly up your reach to a very decent level.

Create a Decent Playlist

Creating a playlist is a must in order to have accessible songs for your followers to listen to and download. It is a beneficial way to familiarize your listeners with what kind of music you make and other music you are into or inspired by. While making the playlist, you can include a mix of songs of other similar artists. This way people can be directed to your profile through your playlist. Besides, you can add other music genres even if it differs from yours to attract a wider demographic of listeners. The bigger the playlist, the higher the followers. You will soon have a lot of people redirected to your Spotify profile.

Check Playlisting Websites

Certain websites and curators are specifically designed to aid you in boosting your playlist reach. Such sites can push your playlist to users randomly. They use a themed playlist according to the songs you have and send them to a network of curators based on the theme they have chosen. So, always remember to cover as many themes in your list as you can.

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Use the Playlist Exchange Feature

By joining the Spotify community forum through your account, you can post your own playlist. You get to add a brief description including the genre, target audience, music inspiration, and some updates. This is in the playlist exchange feature on the website or app where you can insert relevant keywords and genres, thus expanding the reach on the forum.

Share on Reddit

Conveniently, Reddit has a special subreddit named Spotify Playlists. This section frequently starts competitions for the best playlists created in a certain theme. You can take advantage of this and upload your playlist in Spotify Playlists in the subreddit. You will then notice the organic traffic flowing in your account due to Reddit’s high-ranking authority and search engine. It can help in Spotify playlist discovery.

Regardless of your standing in the music industry, you can’t deny the power of streaming websites and apps. Spotify takes the lead when it comes to making, sharing, streaming, and downloading music. There is no denying that such a platform offers a ton of potential. To utilize it to your benefit, you simply have to learn and apply the steps highlighted in this article.