When you want to give someone a gift, but make it really special and personal to them, there’s no better way than purchasing gifts that can be customized and made to order. Yeah, monogrammed jerseys are cute for the sports couple, but you can do so much better! Giving something like a custom name ring for instance, will take your gift giving to the next level.

In this article, we’re going to offer some suggestions for the perfect custom gifts, so that you can add a real touch of personalization that the recipient will love and appreciate.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are an appropriate gift for all special occasions, or simply as a show of appreciation. Many gift basket companies, like Hampers With Bite, not only have a broad selection of gift basket assortments, but have options for putting together a custom basket from their range of products. This allows you to put a more thoughtful touch into getting the perfect gift basket for a coffee or chocolate lover, for example, or a little of both!


Customized bobbleheads may seem like a strange gift, but it can be totally cute if it’s for someone special in your life. Online companies that specialize in custom bobbleheads will simply ask for a good photo, and have a huge number of bodies and poses to choose from. A pair of bobbleheads holding hands, with the likeness of you and your special person, makes for a really sweet and unique gift!

Stuffed animals

Companies like Build-a-Bear and others offer wide ranges of stuffed animals, which you can then further customize by choosing the outfits and accessories. For a special child in your life, you could for example order a stuffed bear wearing a Spiderman costume. Or for your significant other, you could order two bears wearing couples shirts, like with your photographs on them!

Coffee mugs

If there’s a coffee lover in your life, they would surely appreciate a customized coffee mug. Whether it’s a message, or an assortment of photos, they’ll feel touched and remember you every time they drink their favorite brew – and while we’re at it, why not include a bag of their favorite roast with the mug?

Phone cases

Phone cases are practically a necessity, but finding a cool design for your exact phone model can be a chore. Most companies that offer customized phone cases have a range of cases for most popular brands. Some companies offer really cool designs, like Gifcases which use lenticular printing, which is the official term for when an image changes depending on the angle you view it from. You know what I mean, when you tilt the image and it changes into something else? Yeah, that’s lenticular printing.

Photo puzzles

This is a hit-or-miss, depending on if the recipient actually enjoys doing puzzles – which is in fact half of the U.S. population, take that as you will – but a custom photograph puzzle is a really nice gift, especially if it’s for a significant other. If you’ve gone hiking together, for example, you can use that selfie of you both standing on the mountaintop that got so many likes on social media, and then do the puzzle together. Watch their face light up with joy when they realize that the puzzle is, and then frame it together!