If you don’t live close to your loved one, celebrating their birthday can be pretty hard. However, living abroad doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate special milestones with your loved ones. 

Here are a few ways to appreciate your family members or friends on their birthdays when living abroad

Send a Party In a Box

This is one of the easiest ways to say ‘happy birthday’ without being present. Piece together your idea of a party, box it up and mail it to your loved one. 

Your special box can include balloons, sweet treats, their favorite candles, a personal note, or perhaps a grandpa t-shirt if it is your gramps’ birthday. The idea is thoughtful, easy to implement, and affordable. You can customize the box to suit the preferences of your loved one. 

Make them a Video

Your loved one will appreciate a video of yourself wishing them a happy birthday. If you are unsure of what to say in a video birthday message, check out the internet for options. You will find plenty of ideas on YouTube and social media platforms. 

Today, there are many sites that will let you create a video montage from loved ones worldwide. Everyone can be part of the big day. 

Send them Birthday Gifts

Sending your friend or family member gifts from abroad will blow their mind. Think of the things they enjoy and customize the gift to their preferences. Your best gift options include spa hampers, cooking appliances, and art pieces. It all depends on what they want. 

Buy them Lunch

Everyone loves good food, especially on their birthday. Consider sending your loved one a gift card to their favorite restaurant. They will appreciate the idea of eating out without spending their own money. 

If you are unsure of their favorite restaurant, get a gift card for their favorite cuisine. Reading online reviews could help you choose the right restaurant. 

Travel Together

If your loved one is open to the idea, consider taking a trip together. This is one of the best ways to create new memories and show your appreciation. Everyone has a dream destination. Find out where your loved one wants to go and travel together.  

Since you are already abroad, you could pay for them to visit your country. You can show them around and explore the country together. Think of the most memorable attractions in your country and make their birthday special.

Throw a Virtual Party

Virtual parties can be a lot more exciting than you imagine. Schedule a video call with your loved one and other friends or family members. You can all eat, drink, dance, and have conversations for a few hours. Think of a few fun games to make sure no one gets bored. 

Even though navigating the time zones could be difficult, it is worth the trouble. Manage the number of guests and send out invitations early. Ensure that everyone understands what will be going on ahead of time. Your virtual party could turn into a long and annoying video call without proper preparation. 

Birthdays are exciting. They offer opportunities to bond with loved ones and have fun. However, being abroad could limit your ability to share the big day with your loved one. Luckily, it isn’t impossible. With the above tips, you and your loved ones can have fun, and they can feel special on their big day. 

Simple tips to make the birthday of a loved one special include: making a video for them, getting them a lunch gift card, and sending them gifts. The best thing to do depends on the specific preferences of your loved one.